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Smart Table for home office use (Work from home dream furniture)

Image credit: https://takk.in/products/takk-smart-desk-berlin

Vincent van Wyk
Vincent van Wyk Jan 13, 2021
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Build a smart table that does the following:

  • Has Bluetooth connectivity for your Speakers and PC.
  • Has a built-in computer tailored to your needs?
  • Includes a wireless charging station.
  • Automated electrical drawer for your pens and notes.
  • Built-in writing pad to convert your written notes into text documents and drawings into files for Adobe.
  • Wireless earphone/headset storage (Automated)
  • Health tracker to track eye fatigue, heart rate and more.
  • Ambient lighting to wake you up, keep you calm, improves motivation and keeps you focused.
  • Built-in support for Alexa, Google and Siri.
  • Built-in microphone with a mute option.
  • Reminder screen for things like taking medication, having a meal, going for a walk, picking up someone etc.
  • Appearance customisable.
  • Supported Accessories.
Creative contributions

The features can be squeezed into a single laptop model

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Sep 02, 2021
Modern laptops usually have most of the above-mentioned features. The few ones that are not common can be achieved by adding gadgets and/or installing programs to perform the desired function.
The main idea does not seem to need the features of a table to be realized so the idea of the smart table might be an overkill.
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General comments

Vishal Chamling
Vishal Chamling3 years ago
A superb idea which I think will also be commercially viable. If I may suggest, besides a full fledged table version, it will also help to have an only top "dock" / portable version that can convert any working table into a smart table. There are some people who love to work from their "expensive" wooden tables. Having the portability factor, the smart table "top" may be integrated with the favourite table , inclusive of all the facilities mentioned above, besides the four legs.
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Tony Maniaci3 years ago
This is a great line of thought. I think you will find the most appeal to the marketplace by accommodating Laptops as the primary centerpiece. I just set up a custom home office desk workstation, and this brought me to consider a number of essentials. I would follow this assumption with a few ideas to consider:

1. Monitor Mount. To maximize the useful space on a desktop, include a strong (metal) pillar or post add-on, attaching to the back edge/face to facilitate common monitor mounts (VESA). You probably just want to make provisions for off-the-shelf mounts, since there are so many different types and styles. The mount would be a bolt-on accessory that you can use if you chose to go this route.

2 Think about Docking Stations, providing a cavity for that device and convenient cable routing. When people set up a home office or computer desk, the adaption to a desktop workstation generally includes a Power Supply and Additional Ports (USB-C and USB)..

3. I would avoid expensive features that are redundant with common computer capabilities and add-on devices. Electronic features will compete with constantly evolving connectivity and tech features provided by the Laptops and peripherals. You don't want your native desk systems to become obsolete shortly after purchase. Stuff like Alexa, Bluetooth, Cameras, Microphones and Speakers would all compete with higher quality devices that come in the laptop or can be purchased separately where quality and options are abundant.

4. Additional USB and USB-C ports, using a "hub" such that you have really easy access to accessory connections. These ports would be best if placed on the front face or legs where spilled drinks and debris don't foul them. Making a small pocket in the front face for an off-the-shelf hub to expand the hidden Docking Station might be ideal, since that tech will change in the long run, and new devices can replace obsolete tech.

5. Add a sturdy folding side panel that opens like an airline table, such that it stores flat along the side of the desk footprint. One of the things I constantly struggle with is space when I need to “spread out” papers and items I am working on.

6. Top surface accessible A/C and high-power (5A) USB ports. These are common off-the-shelf desk enhancement devices that just need a hole to be installed. Again, next-gen connectivity could be accommodated by replacing the device in the existing hole.
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Manel Lladó Santaeularia
Manel Lladó Santaeularia3 years ago
I think it would be cool if this was possible. My main concerns are two:

First: Do you make this as a massively produced product? Then you have to account for different equipment being compatible with the size and specifications of the table, or do you include just one type of computer/headphones/other hardware that comes directly with the table.

Second: What would be best and cheapest way to put all of that into a desk? I have the feeling the costs of production would be prohibitive and thus it would be too expensive for it to be a product that you can sell a lot of units of. Would it be worth it to produce for a company?
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jnikola3 years ago
It would be cool to have a set consisted of a smart table and smart chair. WIrelessly connected, a chair would share the information on your weight, sitting habits, pressure points, back position, and possible spine problems that could occur. Based on this information, a smart desk would recommend meals, exercises or rise the frequency of active breaks during long sitting periods.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Maybe integrate some work-out gear under the table. Something like https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71868HLHc2L._AC_SL1500_.jpg

Add an option to power the screen by pedalling or switch to normal power when you're tired:)
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