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A timeline of your beliefs and their evolution

Image credit: Anna Hendrickson

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Mar 06, 2022
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A platform that keeps a timeline of your beliefs. A graphical representation of how your beliefs evolve over time and what thoughts influenced different periods of your life.
  • See how your beliefs evolve over time.
  • See what was important to you during different periods of your life.
  • Let others see what you are/aren't about.
How it works
Imagine a twitter-like platform where everyone has their public or private profile. You give the platform access to your other social media accounts and let it see everything you post.
Using your social media posts, likes, and shares, an AI-powered algorithm summarizes/condenses the meaning into short statements. It asks whether you agree or disagree with the statements.
If the AI gets the statement wrong, you can rewrite it to put it in words you agree (or disagree) with. When you confirm they are correct, the statements go on your timeline.
The timeline can be public or private. You can have two timelines - one for you, the other for everyone else to see. You can share your private timeline with specific people if you want. The timeline can be pulled via an API into your blog or any other website.
Manual submission
You can also manually submit a statement you agree or dissagree with. The AI checks to make sure that the statement is in the correct format (not spam or random thought). It has to represent a belief.
A change in beliefs
When your statements start contradicting your past beliefs, the AI brings it to your attention and suggests that you change your mind officially. This is noted on your timeline. For example: "From period X to period Y I believed Z but now I belive Q instead."
The change of mind is also marked on your past-held belief. If someone browses through your timeline they see that you've changed your mind on specific beliefs.
Evolution of beliefs
When a new belief is added, the AI sifts through your history and points out anything that is remotely similar. This is your chance to link new beliefs to past (parent) beliefs.
You can also manually set relationships between any past beliefs.
The timeline shows this graphical representation. It shows how your belief system evolves over time.
Future predictions
The AI would have insight into many other people's beliefs, both private and public ones. When it notices that people are evolving via a similar path, it may start asking people if they agree/disagree with beliefs that would naturally come next. I'm not sure if this is good or bad:) It's just an option that's worthy of mentioning. It could save people years of "figuring things out".
Creative contributions

Extrapolate the timeline to look into the future

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Mar 07, 2022
I like the idea. I even like the session image because it suggests that you are well over a hundred years old. :)
I am thinking about how this timeline could be used. What could others gain by studying your timeline? The first thought that came to mind was dating. Instead of looking at a person's current likes and dislikes, which is a snapshot of their life, if you look at how the person evolved and compared that to your timeline, would that give you a better judgment of the person's behavior and, therefore, an idea of how your relationship with that person be like? I think yes.
Moreover, the timeline could be extrapolated to learn about the person's potential belief path in the future. This is more lucrative. The platform AI could study millions of timelines and could predict what the next 20 or 30 years look like for a particular person as soon as the person fills their profile from birth to date. This extrapolation will help those viewing the profile and comparing it to theirs.
Is this extrapolation useful for job providers? Beliefs usually do not affect the workplace but it would be good to know that the person has evolved to be more self-reliant or a peoples' person so that the job provider can offer an appropriate role to the person in their organization.
Any other uses of extrapolation come to mind?
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni I don't agree with the statement that beliefs don't affect the workplace, I'd say they affect every part of an individual's life. This is not to say that employers can discriminate when hiring according to the person's, say, religious beliefs, but the spectrum of beliefs goes way beyond just religious beliefs.
E.g. if one believes each person should earn their fortune and respect/love from others, such a person wouldn't be a good fit for a job that's based on empathy, e.g. working a humanitarian aid job, providing for the homeless, the unemployed, etc.
On the other hand, a person who believes that each individual deserves love just the way they are will hardly be a good fit for a competitive job (basically this belief doesn't play well with the entire capitalism-driven job market), cause then the belief applies to them as well and they might not have enough motivation to try hard and earn things, they might feel that things should be provided for them without a reason.
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
Povilas S Agreed. This is more the reason to use the belief timeline in the recruitment process.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Unfortunately to some (they wouldn't know it), this would also make it easy to notice people that don't grow and remain in their hardcore held (wrong?) beliefs. Some people are best avoided.
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16 to 25 and journey to self discovery

Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Mar 07, 2022
16 to 25 is the age when we begin to question the beliefs of everyone around us as well as establish what we ourselves believe in. It would make sense to begin this record at 16.
Once we know our starting point, writing it down somewhere could make it easier for someone to explore even fringe beliefs secure that they know what they themselves stand for.
Also being able to compare your beliefs with others of the same community and other communities might make people realize how unobjective belief actually is.
I Like this idea a lot, It's like a roadmap of self-realization
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Belief memes

Povilas S
Povilas S Mar 07, 2022
I love the idea, Darko Savic, would definitely use such a platform if it existed.
I think incorporating various belief memes into the proposed platform would be beneficial. Some memes are only understood by people who hold/held certain beliefs, went through a transition of beliefs, etc. One example that I like and can relate to personally:
A platform could recommend memes to you according to your present, past, and extrapolated future beliefs. Memes could even be used initially, instead of or in addition to questions to determine your inclinations towards certain beliefs. Memes are engaging content and it would help keep a person's attention, on the contrary, answering questions could get boring soon.
Memes could also be used to weaken or debunk negative beliefs through the process of self-cringe described here.
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Revealing and debunking negative beliefs for personal growth

Povilas S
Povilas S Mar 07, 2022
The proposed platform could also (and maybe even more importantly) be used to show the person their negative beliefs that are obstacles to one's happiness. Analyzing one's negative beliefs is often a method proposed by various personal development schools and teachers.
Doing the latter on your own is a tiring mental job, therefore if software could do the analytical part for you and then provide you with the list of beliefs that make you miserable more than serve you in any constructive way it would make the process of getting rid of those believes easier. It's hard to find your negative beliefs by yourself, especially those that are subtle.
The software could use similar methods described in the "how it works" part for finding specifically negative, disturbing beliefs that a person would be better off with. The process of making the person drop those beliefs is another issue to deal with, one way could be by using humor and self-irony as I described in the "belief memes" contribution. But even just revealing their negative beliefs for the person to know is already a big step forward.
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Discovering sociopaths, psychopaths, etc.

jnikola Mar 14, 2022
I like this idea a lot. Along with everything that has been posted already, I would like to suggest using this platform to detect severe belief changes that could lead to sociopathy or psychopathy. The platform should inform you of your past beliefs being similar to the current ones, show you a timeline of your beliefs, and also warn you if you go too far (extreme).
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General comments

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi2 years ago
I like this idea a lot. I think it'll be useful for more than updating beliefs, though. An alternative use for it is to identify the cognitive dissonance we sometimes exhibit.
For people who are familiar with Twitter, you have probably come across "This you?" comments where users quote people's tweets with screenshots of their past tweets that contradict what they just posted. With this platform, people can identify the conflicting beliefs they hold and work towards resolving them.
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Spook Louw
Spook Louw2 years ago
I think this is an excellent idea, one that could also integrate nicely with this idea.
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