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A platform where PhD supervisors are reviewed

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Antonio Carusillo
Antonio Carusillo Sep 22, 2020
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General comments

Juran5 months ago
The idea seems nice, it could help many! The problem would arise when an embittered student (I guess anonymously) starts the public embarrassment of a mentor. The speech of hate would not be tolerated, the same as the dislike function on Facebook was never implemented. We had similar problems in my institution and to solve it, free soft skills courses were held for both, Ph.D. candidates and mentors. They were about the techniques of a successful presentation, communication, and problem-solving. The idea could be to "force" mentors to participate in courses like that.
Antonio Carusillo
Antonio Carusillo5 months ago
The hope would be to rise the mentor awareness about their lack of proper mentorship or at least to make them aware of the former PhD student's feedback.
Subash Chapagain
Subash Chapagain5 months ago
I think ratemyprofessors.com is something of this sort.