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A global platform that enables you to hire any professional/friend while travelling

Image credit: Geralt via Pixabay

Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic Apr 26, 2022
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An international platform that enables you to hire any type of professional for in-person services, as well as people to be your friends.
  • Enjoy a lifestyle that you're accustomed to anywhere in the world
  • Members save money for using multi-services by subscribing
  • International companies can advertise their services
How it works
A global platform provides just about any professional that you need so that you don't compromise your lifestyle while traveling. If you need a chef, nanny, or a driver while you're in a foreign country, this platform provides the service.
Members subscribe and have access to a certain number of professionals, depending on their package. They can hire friends (tour guides) to ensure they have company and somebody to show them around the city.
Members will feel more comfortable hiring services from an international company they've done business with at home.
Think of Airbnb, Uber and Meetup on one platform.
Creative contributions

Demand and management problems of having everything in one place

jnikola Apr 26, 2022
Cool idea! I am surprised it's still not working like this. The closest thing I can remember is the Skyscanner. It's primarily a platform for finding flights of all airlines and it does its job pretty well. However, when you choose a flight, it offers you accommodation via Booking and rent-a-car services via the biggest companies in the field.
Problem of demand
The reason why things you mentioned, like nannies, private drivers and chefs are not here is probably that people who use Skyscanner usually do not require them. In other words, people who have money pay people to organize trips for them. Travel organization services handle the flights, accommodation, drivers, nannies (or you travel with one - a travel nanny :)), and chefs. It's considered a premium service and costs a lot. If you want a budget driver, nanny, or a chef you call Uber, MeetUp or Uber Eats.
Problem of management
Also, having all the nannies, chefs, and drivers in one place would be a great challenge for one platform since different regulations apply to different jobs. Drivers and nannies require different certificates (or not) and encounter different problems. All of this could be too complicated to handle on one platform.
A great example is Uber Technologies, which got divided into Postmates (deliver anything), Drizzly (alcohol delivery), Careem, Cornershop (grocery delivery), Uber Eats (food delivery), Raiser LCC (legal issues), Uber Freight (logistics), Transplace (managed transportation services), Uber Health (medical transportation), Uber Copter (urban air mobility), Uber, ... Although it was the same firm that owns all of these, it's still impossible to handle everything on one app/platform.
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Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic2 years ago
The platform has departments, so regardless of the licences and certificates required, it's still departmentalised. Doing it so makes it as if one company handles one profession.
Also, this doesn't have to be a premium service. It can be for anyone, but the perk of it is that you get everything on one platform. You don't have to have five apps for all the things that you need. Everything's on one platform, making it easy for you to manage and convenient.
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jnikola2 years ago
Goran Radanovic Yes, I understand and most of the benefit is carried by the convenience of using only one app. The problem with Uber which I was talking about is that even a company like Uber couldn't handle Uber (taxi) and Uber Eats (food) services in one app. In that sense, I cannot imagine one app handling more services at once. The convenience remains the problem, but the ultimate solution.
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Service provided by travelers to travelers

Michaela D
Michaela D Apr 29, 2022
Target travelers for both sides of the service.
This way you create job opportunities for people who want to work while traveling but they cannot be digital nomads due to the nature of their work. Nannies, pet sitters, chefs, drivers. They can travel wherever work calls. After some time of building their reputation on the platform, they will have enough demand to choose where they want to work. To ensure a safe traveling experience, both employers and employees rate each other.
An added benefit of having a travelers niche is that you remain small enough to keep managing under control, an issue J. Nikola raised.
Challenge: for which country would the employees work, to have health insurance and pension rights?
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