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A marketplace that connects science and business

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jnikola Feb 13, 2022
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The idea
The platform which connects scientists from academia with industry and provides a "shortcut" to the commercialization of the product and a specific "unfinished" product marketplace.
We live in a world where many great ideas and developed prototypes with incredible potential unfortunately get "lost", especially in the world's largest idea production sites - universities. The vast majority of started, partially-developed, or fully developed products stay untapped at universities or R&D institutes because commercialization is something that many scientists are not familiar with. Therefore, this idea would help:
  • turn more ideas into products
  • publish work with global reach so industries could meet what is hot in the science
  • one place for all innovations
  • fast and easy search through many different categories
  • recommendation of best cooperations between universities and companies (suggesting partners)
  • possibility to buy final product, intellectual property and other rights
  • marketing costs reduction
How would it work?
Let’s say there is a scientist from university or R&D institute who developed new innovative material which has been proven to reduce mass of cars. Due to lack of connections between academia with industry, in most cases, whole this effort and potential stays untapped and we still have slow and heavy cars. But, if there is an online platform which enables scientists to connect with investors or companies from industry, those ideas could much more likely become final products ready to burn up the market.
Platform would differ two accounts: academic accounts for researchers (for example universities and research institutes who have great ideas or prototypes and would like to put their products on the market) and business accounts (for enterprises, investors, start-ups and spinoffs who can provide testing new applications, patent licensing, scale-up, branding and so).
You would pay the subscription to the platform and use it as a medium to find what you need - an investor/market for your product, or a product/service with special requirements for your problem. The platform would also play the role of the intermediary between the parties and take a small percentage of a arranged deal.
The key features of the platform would be:
  • the categorization of the products,
  • "smart connects" between the investors/companies and academic members/their products
  • ability to buy unseen products/testers or arrange a deal, while being covered for potential losses by the platform
Additional information
Good ways to connect science and industry could be found at platforms such as Innoget and smarttribe, but unfortunately, there is no possibility to buy the final products, so these platforms did not resolve the issue of commercialization. Also, finding the right partners can be potentially useful, but finding the right products is solving problems.
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