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A news site that adds a fictional solution to every story's underlying problem

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 23, 2021
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A news site where every story is based on the truth but the final outcome is fictional. It ends in what would have been the most amazing outcome. A paragraph is added that describes how the story's problem was solved.
  • News stories revolve around problems. Creative "reporters" could incorporate good solutions into the stories. This would make for a fun but also potentially useful reading.
  • The news is full of propaganda anyway. If we cannot get it straight as it is, why not make satire out of it by default?
  • The reader learns to take everything with a grain of salt by default.
How it works
Like any other regular news outlet, this one would cover the current stories as they unfold. However, the reporters would be skilled problem solvers. They would jointly come up with good solutions to every story's underlying problem. A fictional ending would be added that describes how the problem was solved in the best possible way.
Creative contributions

A pocket Shrink

Kahn Žithendr
Kahn Žithendr Jan 12, 2022
The two of the biggest problems with a situation is
-Identifying where the problem is (What is happening?)
-feeling alienated in facing such situations (Why is this happening to me?)
Solutions are always contingent.
If the app is able to identify the underlying archetypal problem, (by linking the language used by the user to the psychological complexes and to identify what are the threatening aspects of the problem: if it's money issues, or pride, or security.) making the user understand that
  1. the problem is solvable
  2. he is not alone in his/her fight
The persons would be able to find their own solutions.
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General comments

Povilas S
Povilas S3 years ago
Many news stories have their own outcomes, so in those cases, the two endings - the real and the fictional (how things could have turned out for the better) should be clearly separated, there would be two sections in the end - real ending and the fictional or "best-case scenario" one.
A possible drawback is that such a news source could spread more fictional beliefs (rumors) in society, even if it would be widely recognized as a source of fictional news rather than real ones. This is partly due to people being prone to rumors and partly because of the flaws of human memory - after a while and after reading many of those stories you might not remember clearly what ending was real and what was fictional and in conversations with others, false bits of information would start spreading, someone might catch a story just because it sounds exciting, exaggerate it and there you go. Otherwise, I like the idea.
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