Facebook PixelA platform that matches people who want to have children without having a romantic relationship
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A platform that matches people who want to have children without having a romantic relationship

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jul 29, 2021
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A platform that matches women who want single motherhood but can't afford it, with men who wouldn't mind having children, can financially support them but can't be around. Or vice versa.

The platform would aid in the formation of friendship-based relationships oriented around partnerships in the upbringing of children. One parent retains all the rights as the primary caregiver while the other brings support and friendship to the table but otherwise has no rights or obligations.

This platform would be useful in scenarios such as:

  • A woman wants to be a single mother but doesn't want anonymous sperm from a bank. She wants to meet and have a few conversations with the potential father.
  • A woman wants to be a single mother but can't financially afford it.
  • A man wants to have children and would take care of them financially, but for whatever reason can't be around.
  • A woman and a man want friendship-based shared custody and partnership in the upbringing of their future child.
  • One of the "partners" wants to be a parent, the other doesn't mind helping but otherwise is not ready to take on any responsibility.
  • A person who wants to have children is in a loving relationship with someone who really, really doesn't want to have any. So a third person helps in providing the sperm/egg so that everyone gets what they want without ending the relationship.
  • And so on..
The platform would aid in legal formalization of relationships and obligations. Upon birth of the child a DNA paternity test would be performed.

Future child's trust fund

In case of finacial obligations from one of the parents, a fund would be created. Money could also be placed in multi-signature crypto wallets or decentralized autonomous organizations. The child would receive a monthly allowance from the fund.
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