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A Second Skin that Offers Protection from Weather Elements

Image credit: Photo by Duck Man on Unsplash

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Nov 18, 2021
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A second skin-like device that will, depending on the environmental condition at a particular time, adjust and help us achieve comfort. When it rains, it can close off and help us feel warm. And when it is hurt, it can circulate a fluid that'll help us feel cooler.
Most of the things we do as humans are geared towards making us more comfortable. It is why we invented fans and air conditioners and they have undoubtedly improved our lives.
However, I wonder why we haven't optimized for one of the things that causes us the most discomfort: weather changes.
Why this Idea?
With this device, we can greatly improve human comfortability and, by extension, human productivity. There are numerous studies that prove this, including this study which examines the link between comfort and office productivity.
It will also increase our health and quality of life by a huge margin. Imagine you can walk freely in the rain without getting wet or having to feel the coldness it ushers in. You would definitely be able to escape the numerous health issues - tiredness, dry skin, and dry eyes, among others - that coldness heralds, alongside the emotional problems like irritation and frustration.
How does it work?
I envision a super thin nylon-like material we can wear on our bodies. Something that fits snugly and like a second skin. This device will have numerous pores that enable our skin to breath. As a result, we can wear it at all times.
The device will have a gel-like substance that cools. So, say it's a hot summer afternoon and you're feeling hot, the pores will close up. Then, the cooling gel will circulate all over your body and work to bring the heat down and make you more comfortable. Also, the gel can absorb your sweat and expel them.
If it's cold or you're caught in the rain, the pores will close off and keep you tightly enclosed. That way, rainwater will flow right off. They won't be able to permeate the second skin, talk more of touch your skin. As a result, you will be insulated from the cold you would otherwise feel if you weren't wearing it.
The skin should be thin and light so that users can go to sleep with it, if they want, without any discomfort.
Creative contributions

Integrated "semi-contact lenses"

jnikola Dec 13, 2021
Although the second skin you described should have openings in some places, I thought of integrating "lenses" into the "skin" that covers the eyes.
Of course, it would require new technologies that combine distant lenses and contact lenses to create a product that is something between. I imagine it to be a pair of lenses positioned very close to the eyes (mm).
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Different thicknesses of the "skin" to solve posture problems

jnikola Dec 13, 2021
The idea is a great playfield for all those trying to find solutions for common medical problems related to posture and spine.
Since many posture problems arise from the abnormal mass distribution, I propose personalized "skin" thickness cushions on customers' feet. That would replace many insoles the people used to have in every shoe pair.
Buttocks cushion
For all those working long hours in the office, I propose air cushions on the buttocks to reduce the back pain and posture while sitting.
"Working gloves"
For people working with rough materials such as wood, metal, stone, etc., I propose the second skin to be thicker on hands, and preferably made out of more durable material similar to kevlar.
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Wigs, hair growth factors, etc.

jnikola Dec 13, 2021
To retain young looks, it would be cool if people were able to order their second skin with the desired wig. If they just want to slow down the hair loss, they could order a second skin that is hair-permeable on the head and releases growth factors and nutrients.
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General comments

jnikola3 years ago
I found something that they call an e-skin. It's a brilliant invention from the KAUST University experts that wanted to create a material similar to skin, that can "feel" the forces applied on it. What they created is a mixed-dimensional MXene-hydrogel that can function as a skin sensor. In this publication, they presented the same material in form of fibers that could detect stretching or bending of the hand, elbow, or even face movements such as smiling. Here or here you can see how it works!
Implementing material like this on your second skin could just detect movement of your body, or help you do the exercises in the right way, detect damage-causing movements you repeat, and similar. Hopefully, this invention will inspire you to find more creative uses of your second skin :)
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Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi3 years ago
J. Nikola I think it's a major step towards what I envisioned. Even if the e-skin itself does not work as the foundation upon which the other elements are hoisted, it can lead to it.
Thanks for digging this up.
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