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A social media platform that connects people who are passing the same routes

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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Aug 05, 2021
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The proposed social media platform is going to be just like other meet-up apps, except for the part where it will connect people who want to pass the same roads. This will stand out as a meet-up app because it will connect people who are very likely to meet again. For example, two people who live in the same neighborhood and usually come back late at night or leave early in the morning can make arrangements to meet on their way back home or on their way out. It can also be a way to save resources by hitchhiking so that people that have cars can give lifts to the people they are most interested in. People can also pool their resources together to reduce their total cost of transport when relevant.

To use the app, one just has to input their location, destination, and means of transport. After choosing their preferred route they will see suggestions of the people who can keep them company. Very strict verification processes will be used when registering on the platform to ensure the safety of users.
This could evolve our view of dates since one will not have to plan where to meet and what to buy and they do not even have to be with their date for long. Since the dates usually take place in locations where the users pass all the time, they may be more comfortable during such dates than if they were taken to some unfamiliar restaurant. Since several meetups can be organized in a day, more meetups will mean more successful dates. The timing of the dates can leave little room for planning and make-up, so one is likelier to look like they would look on a regular day. Some existing platforms, like travel buddy, have similar functions but they are only useful when you want to go on a long journey and you need a travel partner. For shorter distances like a walk home from school, the proposed platform is ideal.
It can also let you move in groups when you want to take public transport. This will reduce the cost of transport in some cases. The users will usually get opportunities to take public transport while sitting with their favorite kind of people and the time they spend in transit will be more fun or even more productive. Walking in groups can improve the user's safety since larger groups of people are less likely to be attacked by criminals. Children will also be harder to target by bullies if they move in large groups after school hours.
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Route to Real Connection "Bridge" (Platform)

D. Eagle Aug 08, 2021
People are lost and exhausted in the desolation of the virtual world and seeking a safe means back to the real world and to physical connection, as reference point to finding and reconnecting with the self again.

The solution provides that means and a bridge between the virtual and real worlds. Hence, it's perceived as a "bridge" and not the conventional "platform" per se. It's more than just a generic meet-up app, but has a much deeper social value - the Route to Real Connection again.

It should allow intuitive use and focus on restoring the freedom to exist as individuals, without the need to be prescriptive, as to how it should be used. Hitchhiking and other high-risk activities should be excluded to mitigate personal and legal risks, but empowering members to develop the necessary street-wisdom for making their own considered decisions.

All connections and services provided by the "bridge" (platform) are encrypted, for privacy protection. The "bridge" works by geolocation, allowing users to enable or disable the location feature of their mobile phones.

If "location" is enabled, a user would receive notifications of suggested members in the same local area available for meet-ups and shown on a map app, based on shared interests and other non-intrusive variables. The user can then ignore notifications or choose to meet-up for coffee, shopping, etc; ask for or give crowd help, if necessary.

The income streams of the website may include offering crowd-geotagging services to organisations. Eligible members could participate in crowd-geotagging local sites and share revenue proportionately with the "bridge".
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At least one existing app does what you propose

Povilas S
Povilas S Aug 27, 2021
Happn is a dating app that does this. But I understand that your concept is wider and involves purposes beyond dating and relationships beyond romantic love.
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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
It does not perform the same function per se. The app I proposed connects people who would like to meet while the Happn app connects people only after they have met. The proposed app is proactive and is likely to connect more people, all other things being equal.

I still think the platform that has functions that are closest to the one I proposed is the "Travel buddies" platform but they are appropriate for taking longer journeys as opposed to the proposed app.
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