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A song that every time you listen to it sounds radically different

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/73o_FzZ5x-w

jnikola Jul 23, 2022
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A song that sounds a bit or radically different depending on who's listening, where you listen to it, what's your mood, or some other criteria. A very abstract idea, I hope we'll find a way how this could work.
  • Add a new dimension to the music industry and experience
  • Match the user's mood, environment or personality - better user experience
  • Ability to modify the original song that you didn't like to match your criteria - express yourself through your interpretation of the song
How would it work?
I could imagine a few ways how this can work, but your ideas are highly acceptable:
1. An app which modifies a song according to your criteria
You log into the app, choose your personality type, and connect it to a Spotify, Youtube, Deezer or any other service playlist. While songs are playing, you have an equalizer-inspired dashboard where you can adjust the level of modification the app will apply on the song. Song gets modifyed by the AI based on your personality type, no matter the genre. If you like it, you listen to it, if not, you increase the level of modification, allow different types of modifications and create your version of that song.
2. A song created by innovative technologies that allow versatility if played on devices recognizing the environment, temperature, level of smoke (for the clubs), alcohol percentage, etc.
A new way of recording a song that records it in "layers", allowing each layer to be played spearately, isolating instruments, different rhythms, resulting in different moods, genres and even lyrics! According to the environment where it's being played, a song can be adjusted to sound radically different based on a huge base of criteria such as the light, the number of people, the mood, the time of the eventing, etc. The feature could be upgraded to include data collected from third-party apps and gadgets and adjust music according to users' playlists, personalities, heart rates, percentage of alcohol in the air, colours in the room, etc.
  • It presents a playgroud the user that can now create custom covers based on himself
  • a fun tool for DJs to adjust every song to any atmosphere and environment - new dimension of music customization
  • a tool for the music producers that collect personality data, feedback on songs and can plan the music production in direction that people will enjoy
  • a tool for the artists to adjust their music to their fans (if they want) or win over new ones
  • some artists wouldn't like their songs to be dramatically changed
  • some sort of protection of artists and original song rights should be respected and regulated
  • new techology for song recording would be needed (or not?)
Creative contributions

Using covers and remixes

Povilas S
Povilas S Jul 25, 2022
Covers are a great way of making the song sound different. Some song covers are way more popular than the originals, sometimes people don't even know that the cover is not the original, examples: Nothing compares 2 U (original by Prince, covered by Sinéad O'Connor), Torn (original by Ednaswap, most famous cover by Natalie Imbruglia) Knocking on heaven's door (original by Bob Dylan, most famous cover, arguably, by Guns'N Roses).
I propose involving covers and remixes of songs in the idea execution process. If the song is popular, there are usually A LOT of different cover versions of it, many by less-famous bands or rising talents. Many rising musicians start by making covers and publishing them on youtube. One can comprise a great database of covers solely by using youtube, this could be done both by people and by algorithms.
People working for this or an automatic system could then define each cover in terms of mood, performance, tempo, etc., and recommend/match those qualities with the mood of the listener, their listening history, preferences, etc. You enter a song you long for in the search box, and the system picks a certain cover of it for you according to various information it knows about you, like your current mental/emotional state it reads through real-time physiological data, brainwaves, etc.
I don't know enough about the laws of the music industry, but this also seems to solve the copyright issue you mention. Covering a song doesn't seem to pose any risk copyright-wise as long as you state that it's a cover. The same seems to be true for remixes.
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jnikola2 years ago
This is a great suggestion and it definitely solves the issue of copyright issues. Covers include a voice of a different singer that often reflects its emotion and gives a song a specific vibe, which couldn't be easily (or naturally) done by algorithms. On the other hand, songs with a small number or no covers would be in trouble. That's why I think a smart way of integrating of your proposal into the original idea would be the best fit to solve all mentioned problems. Great!
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Similar to how DALL-E 2 creates images from the description, AI could remix your song in unique ways every time you play it. You could provide the AI with raw vocals, beats, etc. It would then reuse just enough of the song to make it recognizable but still completely new
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jnikola2 years ago
Darko Savic that's a great example of how it could be done! The same as with photos, every song should be divided into "pixels" (would a frequency, "channel" or something else be an equivalent?) and used as a building material for a new modified song.
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jnikola2 years ago
I found that people comment on songs sounding very different after listening to them for a long time or falling asleep. People explained it to be a psychological phenomenon related to the brain's perception of the song or "getting used to" it.
If it really has a psychological background, maybe we could influence people's perception of the song by changing something in humans or the way how it's played, not the song itself.
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