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A town designed based on cartoon characters or buildings in anime

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 12, 2021
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A town designed based on cartoon characters or buildings in anime
Children like cartoons because the images of cartoon characters are cute and interesting. Do you like cartoon characters? Do you remember which one of your favorite works was at the time? Who is your favorite anime character?

It would be fun to design a small town made up of cartoon characters or buildings. The shape of the house is mainly designed according to cartoon characters or buildings in anime, such as the houses of SpongeBob SquarePants, SquarePants and Squidward Tentacles in the cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants". People who like cartoons can choose to buy or rent a house in the town to live in, and like-minded people can also participate in cartoon-themed parties on weekends.

Pay attention to the following points: On the one hand, the town can meet the spiritual needs of people; on the other hand, the design of the town should pay attention to protecting the environment. The design of small towns should be based on low-energy-consumption buildings. For example, the electricity source of small towns mainly comes from solar energy.
Creative contributions

Attention to detail and not mixing universes to create consistency within each town or dedicated section

salemandreus Aug 14, 2021
This would be necessary in order to truly appeal to fans, at least initially, unless the creators have a massive budget and own/control all IP like Disney, who can therefore fully control all aspects of Disneyland for full immersion and ensure a level of consistency between shows.

For those without that kind of budget, if we do really want to integrate more than one “world” it would likely be important to keep clear segregation between where each new world starts.

This might be easier to accomplish with different arcs of the same universe than with vastly different universes, such as there could be an "old quarter" or "future quarter" etc for such multiverses as Spiderman or X-men, and therefore pay homage to these different concepts separately rather than trying to merge them, as this can easily lead fans to become upset or accuse creators of "selling out" their particular "original" or "true" fandom for money, as fandoms are often extremely territorial and protective about the integrity of their beloved franchises.

A recent example of how fan nostalgia is often transformed into conflict is the conflict between fans of the old vs new She-ra series even online. Trying to reconcile two completely different aesthetics, character takes and storylines in the same place which are so incompatible would very much annoy both fandoms and make the design work very sloppy in trying to architect a compromise.

This would be an example of where, unlike the spiderman "multiverse", you would want to make the segregation between two different concepts particularly clear if you do want to encompass both, or else just pick which universe you are representing and make it clear you are going with that one, to avoid angering the fans, as one thing fans love is consistency around "their" franchise.

Even as a kid, I remember being disappointed when toys didn't match the characters in the shows in exact detail (down to hair colour, accessories or even imperfections in the paintwork) and that probably was the reason I became very averse to buying fan merchandise. I only overcame this as an adult and found myself far more willing to support a franchise financially when I saw up close how much attention to detail went into making the toy figurines exactly match the characters of the show. And even as an adult I find myself very tempted to distance myself from bad reworkings of some of my beloved franchises which have been through multiple iterations and very put off from stores that do not sell merchandise consistent with the marketed iteration but try to lump all merchandise for the franchise together as one sales opportunity. The frustration would be far stronger for fans in such an immersive experience as a town or theme park designed to pay homage to the franchise particularly as expectations from fans would already be high for a project of this scale.
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Ensure that this appeals to both kids and adults for an immersive, fun, and well-reviewed experience

salemandreus Aug 14, 2021
Kids can be as critical consumers as adults or more, as they also get bored quickly given the lack of stimulation for them in environments created for adults.

On the other hand, it is also really important to get their parents' buy-in when you consider that they want an immersive experience too and will be paying for the experience and deciding whether the kids get to go at all.

The attention to authenticity, quality and immersion in a way that doesn't cut corners on quality goes a long way to making this an experience where the both the kids and the parents are having a good time, but having spaces where the parents can relax while the children are entertained by theme characters and activities will make it far more likely that the parents will want to stay longer in the town themselves, and visit again frequently.

It is crucial that the experience be relaxing for both the kids and the parents, otherwise parents end up with one of two nightmare scenarios:

The first nightmare scenario where only the adults are entertained would be the parents having to avoid visiting or cut their visit short due to the kids being bored to tears and hyperactive in places not suitable for children. They then have the hurdle of not being able to visit unless they get a babysitter for the kids, (which is particularly logistically difficult when travelling or on holiday).

The second nightmare is that only the kids are entertained, and the adults are not able to have time to relax and enjoy the experience, and have to persuade the kids to go home and have the experience end on a bad note with some people in tears. Thus the parents do not enjoy the experience at all and do not want to return.

In either of those scenarios parents end up cautioning their friends with children against the experience.

Hence the importance of fully catering to both groups. 😉
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