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Designer city that looks like a human face from above

Image credit: Centuripe, Italy

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Mar 05, 2022
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Designer city that looks like a human face from the air. For example, make it in the image of a person who's done great things for the country.
  • Tourist attraction.
  • Virality. People would love to share photos of the face when flying to/from the city,
  • A way to honor someone who has done great things for the country.
How it works
Countries with a growing population sometimes build new cities from scratch. One of such projects could be a perfect opportunity to create a city that looks like a human face from the air.
  1. A picture of the person's face is chosen.
  2. A viewpoint is chosen from which the city should look like the chosen face. This could either be a viewpoint from a nearby hill or flight path where airplanes come to and from the city.
  3. An ideal aspect ratio and resolution are chosen. The size of a "pixel" is defined in square meters.
  4. That pixel is used as a minimal area of anything in the city. All buildings are multiples of that pixel.
  5. There should be no use of paint to achieve the desired effect. The necessary shades/colors should be achieved through clever use of materials and architecture. This will probably result in some unusual buildings being created.
  6. Any building in the upcoming city will occupy an area with a specific number of pixels. Make sure those pixels look exactly as they should from the chosen viewpoint. Then design each building with this requirement in mind. That's the official building code and the only way to get a building permit.
For example, the nose area could be comprised of several high-rise buildings (business district). The eyes could be artificial lakes with small islands in the middle, like so:

Creative contributions

This makes naming the localities easier

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Mar 07, 2022
I had always thought that the areas in a city could be named in such a way that the name indicates where the area is. Imagine an area that you have never heard of comes up in a conversation. The other person then has to tell you the specific famous places from that area or its neighboring areas for you to understand where it lies in the city. Some cities have numbered their areas and, I think, that makes visualization easier in a conversation.
If you don't want to use numbers, there is a way to still name the areas in such a way that you can visualize them, for example, using this "designer city" idea. If the city looks like the face of a person, you could name the places as "left forehead" and "right forehead". :) The roads could be named in the same way - "left eyebrow street", "mustache street", "nostril 1 avenue". Although it sounds funny when you name areas using facial features, it is convenient to visualize them. Also, funnier names exist - "chicken dinner road", "error place", "linger longer road", etc. :)
Alternatively, you could use other objects to design cities and the names could be less funny.
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General comments

Michaela D
Michaela D2 years ago
It reminds me of this key-shaped building complex in Montpellier (France) called Antigone.
Image from Google Earth.
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