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A platform for transparent city maintenance where anyone can bid for small jobs

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jul 03, 2022
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An open platform for transparent/fair public spending on city maintenance work. Service providers can outbid each other on individual tasks on short notice, or let the default contractor do it.
  • Lower corruption, nepotism, and theft of public money.
  • Anyone gets a chance to take care of parts of the city without getting locked into large projects.
  • Anyone can outbid others on short notice. Need a job next week? Do it for less than the current bidder and it's yours.
  • Anyone gets a chance to demonstrate good public work and use it as a reference for their future business.
  • High quality of work performed for the best price.
  • Market-determined value of maintenance work.
How it works
A city designates a specific amount of money per year to maintain anything that needs to be maintained. The maintenance work is split into manageable tasks throughout the year. The total yearly budged is divided by the total number of tasks (jobs).
Each job is described in detail (photo/video material included), and marked on the map. Value is assigned to it.
A city-assigned default contractor gets the job at the calculated value. This is a fall-back option if nobody else is interested. Anyone who meets the loosely defined requirements can outbid the default contractor and get a job instead.
For small jobs people can bid up to a week before the job is due to be performed. Longer deadlines for bigger jobs.
Public history of performed tasks
Each time a maintenance job is performed, the lowest bidder documents the before/after state with as much detail as possible and uploads the material for everyone to see.
The entire history of each maintained area can be browsed by jobs, year by year. People can see who maintained it, what was done, and how much money they made doing it.
Quality of work
Do a poor job and you don't get paid or get less than the full amount. You can contest not getting paid in court. Cause damage to city property and get billed for it.
Creative contributions


Spook Louw
Spook Louw Jul 06, 2022
I can imagine this being a very useful tool for people struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps there could be a way to give preference to the unemployed and elderly who might rely on these jobs above someone else who might be outbidding them either because they are only doing it for a bit of extra cash, or because they are working as part of a group and can then complete larger tasks for cheaper.
I'd imagine in order to be able to do this, people who are registered as unemployed or retired would qualify for a percentage of the amount they bid for a certain job to be subsidised by the government, or that the system would simply be developed with a quota percentage of jobs that have to go to unemployed/retired bidders.
Or would it be best to simply leave it as a free market and have people compete for bids regardless of their employment status?
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Public proposing tasks

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Jul 04, 2022
One of my favourite ideas out here. I would also add a place on the platform for the public to propose what needs doing. For instance, mark a part in the city that needs mowing the weeds, or picking up litter. Put up photos. The platform has a camera app that only works with the GPS and a time stamp so you know it's not a fake prompt, photos from two years ago. A government official okays it and it goes into the system for anyone to bid on it. But the person who proposed it has some priority, they have a +10% wiggle room down from the best offer. Or they get a small cut.
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Trustworthy contractors list

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Jul 30, 2022
I assume city officials will inspect the work after the contractor completes it. I believe they should rate the jobs when they inspect it. The public should also have the opportunity to rate how they find the project. If the contractor's gets a good rating from both the public and the city's officials, their name should be added to a list of trustworthy contractors.
There will be projects that are too high value to open up to everyone. In such instances, the city's authorities already have a list of trustworthy contractors with good track records that can bid on that project.
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