Facebook PixelAn app that beeps/vibrates when you directionally bump into your friends from afar
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An app that beeps/vibrates when you directionally bump into your friends from afar

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 25, 2022
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An app that vibrates/beeps when you and your friends face in each other's direction without being in direct line of sight. You get notified when you directionally bump into each other regardless of the distance. They could be in another country or 2 blocks away.
  • A simple and fun way to feel connected with your friends/family from afar.
  • Remember people whom you rarely see.
How it works
The app uses the phone's GPS and gyroscope to determine which direction you are facing in.
If your friend faces toward you at the same moment when you face toward them, both of your phones beep/vibrate. You also see a notification telling you the time and name of the friend with whom you directionally bumped into.
There is no map, chat, or anything. The app simply tells you when you're facing your friend(s) at the same time they are facing back at you.
The app doesn't vibrate if the distance between you is less than 50 m.
Creative contributions

A problem of directionally bumping into your friends too often

Povilas S
Povilas S Feb 25, 2022
Given those qualifying as friends would be determined from your social media accounts (=a lot of friends), I think "facing each other" situation might happen too often and cause your phone beeping, vibrating, and annoying you many times per day. You turn all 360 degrees once every hour at least, if not more often. Because of the latter, even if you chose just one person as a "target" for directional facing, it still might happen too often, no matter where they are in the world.
This probably depends on the precision of angle of the straight line between two people that has to be met to consider directional facing taking place. If two people are far away (different countries or even continents), the angle precision to be met can go to great lengths, since a person then is super small compared to the distance between him/her and their friend abroad. Any minuscule deviation from the straight line would then cause two people (whom in this case becomes two super tiny dots) to directionally bypass each other.
Therefore I suggest imposing more criteria that have to be met in order to get notified about your friend directionally facing you. One thing that comes to mind is two people keeping a certain angle for facing each other for a long enough time, e.g. if you both walk or otherwise travel in the direction towards each other for some time, say a few minutes.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Not social media friends. A handful of closest people:)
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