Facebook PixelUsing big data to match compatible people and form great friendships
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Using big data to match compatible people and form great friendships

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 18, 2022
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Deep learning algorithm tasked with creating great friendships. Make good use of the data that big tech companies collect on everyone. Match people based on their likelihood of becoming best friends and try to make it happen.
  • Big tech companies already have and continue gathering personal data on everyone. They might as well use it for good rather than exploiting people for marketing and surveillance.
  • Improve people's wellbeing by introducing great friends into their lives.
  • Reduce loneliness in the general population.
  • Help people make friends.
How it works
Any of the tech giants (fb, google, apple) has a ton of data on its users. They know people's interests, passions, preferences, habits, where they hang out, who their friends are, who they are in touch with the most, and so on.
Based on all this data a deep learning algorithm could be designed that attempts to find people new friends they would get along with well.
This algorithm would be marketed as an experiment that people voluntarily enroll in and provide feedback so that the algorithm can learn/improve.
You would get a message along the lines of "Our experimental friend finder algorithm has found 3 people within 10 kilometers from your location that you would likely get along with well. Would you like to join the experiment and help finetune our algorithm?" If yes, you would get all the details.
The platform will then contact the people who are most compatible with you. Once they agree, the platform puts you in touch and suggests you get together for some fun activity you both enjoy.


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General comments

Adi B2 years ago
Do you think all these big dating apps started this way and then realized by tweaking their algorithm to keep people on their apps for ages was more profitable?
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Adi B I think any platform out there started with good intentions in mind. Somewhere along the way, they realized that the only way to survive is to maximize for 2 things: earnings and user engagement. Unfortunately, doing both well seems to be detrimental to the well-being of the user.
A platform that doesn't want the user to be hooked on it, doesn't compete well with platforms that tap into addictions. So such a platform is likely to fall behind the competition and eventually fail.
A platform that isn't ready to maximize earnings, goes extinct. That's why there are no playgrounds on airplanes. To maximize earnings, airlines cram people like sardines. They wouldn't consider making less money so that people can have a better time. Even if they did, as soon as hard times come around, such an airline would be bought by a bigger one with more money and "upgraded" to maximize earnings.
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