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Your to-do list as social media where only your friends can add activities and vote to prioritize them

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jun 04, 2022
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A cross between a to-do list and social media. Friends add activities to each other's to-do lists and vote on what should be done first. You provide photos/videos as proof that you actually did it.
  • A way for friends to challenge each other out of their comfort zones.
  • Experience good things that come highly recommended by people you trust.
  • Have more fun.
How it works
Your to-do list app where only your friends can add activities to it. Other friends can then upvote whatever they like and want to see you perform/experience. The more upvotes, the higher an item is placed on the list.
Each item on the list has its own forum-like thread. Your friends can comment under it.
Taking items off the list
You have 3 options when taking an item off the list:
  • I don't want to do it
  • Already did it in the past
  • Done (proof attached)
Proof of completion
When you mark an item as done, you would ideally attach some kind of proof. A photo or a video so that your friends can see how it went.
Your friends can then upvote and comment on it.
A limited number of items
The to-do list can hold a limited number of items. As you you clear some items off the list, your friends can then add new ones. The same friend can only add one item to your list at a time. When that item gets removed, the same person can add another if they want.
The items shouldn't repeat. If you've already done something in the past, it's ok to pass on it with a reference to the previous time you've done it.
Moderation tools
You can prevent specific people from adding activities to your to-do list or just commenting on your stuff.
Activity indicator
Every accounts hows an activity indicator.
  • How many activities you've done
  • How many you've refused to do
  • How often you do them
When someone adds an activity to your list everyone sees a guestimate % likelyhood of you actually doing it.

Creative contributions

Something to lose

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Jun 06, 2022
I think there should be an element of profit and loss to this. Basically, if you agree to do something and you do not accomplish it, then you should stand to forfeit something that is dear to you. Money is the most obvious option.
For example, when you agree to do an activity, you can fund that activity with an amount that you can't access until you do said activity and prove it. There can be a time limit for when you are to accomplish the activity. And if you exceed that limit, the money will donated to charity.
Alternatively, you can deposit your favorite wristwatch or tuxedo with your friend pending when you accomplish the task.
Finally, I think this idea would be more fun if there is a "Dare" element. Simply put, I can dare my friend to visit Dubai within the next six months. If they do so, they win so and so amount or get to drive my favorite car for a month.
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Spook Louw
Spook Louw Jun 08, 2022
I really like this idea.
In order to add an element of competition and gamify the process, users could have the ability to create public lists or complete someone else's public list. There could be prizes attached to this, or groups of friends could compete against each other for bragging rights.
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