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An App that Connects People with Similar Interests for Physical Hangouts

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Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Feb 02, 2022
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An application you can use to find and meet people with similar interests to you.
This application can provide the following benefits:
  • Help people build offline communities
  • Ensure people can have fun and spend physical time together
How it Works
For example, let's say you love cycling and you are looking for people within your immediate vicinity who cycle and would be interested in an addition to their circle.
Here is how you would use the application:
  • Create an account and specify your hobbies and interests
  • Grant access to your location
  • Select venues in your vicinity where you are comfortable meeting a new person or people
  • Run a search for people whose interests match with yours and who stay in the same neighborhood or close
  • Sync your Calendar so the app can determine the best time to set up a meeting
  • If there is a match, show up to the venue on the agreed day and time with your bicycle and accessories
  • Update and rate your experience
If something comes up and you can't make a meetup, notify the other individual(s) by canceling on the app
There should be an option for clubs, too. However, meeting places should be public spaces, at least for first timers who are looking to join these clubs. The club's page can list details about meeting date, venue, what is required to join, and the likes. Also, there should be punishments for people who miss a number of meetups. For clubs, the members can determine this, while the application should determine what the punishment will be for individuals. For example, if you stand people up, or miss too many meetups, you could be restricted from using the app for a period of time. If, after this, you don't change, you should be banned.
My Thought Process
I, alongside my family, recently moved to a new location. I am someone who likes to spend time with friends every once in a while. It is almost a need. I feel replenished and energized when I do this. So, what do I do? Send out a tweet or a Facebook post asking people in the area to contact me? While any of these ideas might work, I realized they are not effective enough.
And that got me thinking, what if there was an application dedicated to bringing people together physically? It would be even better if they have similar interests - they can bond over those. So, yes, that was how I came up with this idea.
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General comments

Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic2 years ago
The app is called Meet Up.
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
I understand where you are coming from and support the initiative, I once was thinking about posting a similar idea myself, but as I did some research it turned out there already are apps for bringing people with similar interests together for live meetings, two quite popular examples are Meetup and MeetMe. You can check them out:)
However, my idea was of a bit different app in the sense that you could post quick suggestions when and what you'd like to do and invite people to participate. For example, you'd write "have a beer in a bar X this evening from 8 pm" or "jogging in a park Y tomorrow morning from 8 am", etc.
People would browse through such suggestions/invitations and choose something they'd like to do at the moment or soon, in the evening of the same day, etc. Then those who want to do the same would join the initiator. The app would show you a "feed" of invitations according to your location, time (those happening the soonest would be shown first), and your past activity. This would benefit people who prefer to do something in particular, but don’t have a company to do it with.
I don’t think there is an app with that kind of feature and I think it would gain some popularity. The problem here is that instead of certain activities people usually prefer certain company, so if you won’t “vibe” with the people that joined you, it might end up being a bad experience, in that case, it could be better to do it alone or maybe not do it at all. And it’s hard to tell if you’ll like the people from their online profiles, especially if you need to decide it soon because the meeting will happen in due time. But nevertheless, I think this could still work.
Please leave the feedback on this idea