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An app that converts your child's crayon drawing into cartoons they can watch

Image credit: Nora Nure

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 28, 2021
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An app that animates your child's crayon drawing and turns it into a cartoon they can watch.
  • Make the child feel that their creations are useful and encourage them to cultivate their creativity.
  • Kids love cartoons and drawing. This combines their two favorite things.
How it works
The app comes with many template stories that just need a few characters to play the leading roles.
A child draws each of the missing characters on a piece of paper. You take a photo of each character directly from the app. You define the head, legs, arms, facial features, etc. The app cuts out the background.
If the drawn character is underdeveloped you can help the child by adding the limbs, eyes, mouth.
The app animates the character and plugs it into the story template. After a few moments of rendering, the cartoon is ready for viewing.
Creative contributions

An app your child's crayon drawing turns into cartoon stories.

Marco Agudelo Dec 12, 2021
This Idea seems great to comment with children about ideas you are willing to teach them through sharing a story telling. During the drawing process of “how it works” the ground up (leading player) through the process of visualization in drawing, points out to the child (player number one) the story lessons or bait out the child, during a first introduction to the story on a brief story telling, that helps develop the characters themselves. At the same time children enjoy one of their loving activities: drawing.
To tackle the digitization process one can suggest the app runs plugins as blender , armatures to cut and define characters. Then with machine learning , deep learning process , the app users tune up underdeveloped features through simple similarity bars to teampleted cartoons.
Once drawings are digitized the app plays the cartoon reel, in where the intended story lessons will be presented, you can enjoy a pleasant time with your child, and maybe pour an idea into their minds to help them grow





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Sumarie The Writer Me
Sumarie The Writer Mea month ago
Perhaps also add an additional feature for customizing characters. So you have the photographed drawing character, and the child is able to customize it further on the 🙂🙂
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General comments

J. Nikola2 months ago
Very cool idea! This could actually be successful since all the kids, as you mentioned, love to draw and watch cartoons. It could also help them understand how their work can end up being cool entertainment for others, growing the entrepreneurial spirit in them!
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