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An app that keeps track of your feelings toward every person you repeatedly interact with

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 04, 2022
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An app that keeps track of how you feel about each encounter with people in your life. Patterns/graphs emerge. Are there toxic people around you? Are you toxic?
  • Determine whether you or the people in your life are toxic. This is valuable information in the quest for a better/happier life.
  • Figure out who needs to be cut from your life or at least avoided as much as possible.
How it works
In the app, you create a profile for each person you often encounter. The app can import people's profiles from your phonebook or social media platforms.
Every time you are done talking to someone, take out your phone and give the ineraction a rating from 1 to 10. This is conceptually similar to this idea. The app will keep a log/stats and produce a graph based on this information.
After a while, you will have interaction quality graphs for each person.
The app also calculates the average interaction quality of each day, so you also have cummulative daily graphs.
Make use of the info
If specific people consistently get low ratings, cut them from your life, or minimize your encounters with them.
If on the other hand, the majority of encounters are rated poorly, something might be wrong with you. You might need to work on yourself.
Compare your stats with other people's averages
The app makes it possible to compare the quality of your encounters with the average of those that match your your parameters (age, sex, status, etc).
Creative contributions

Improving the app and turning it into an AI-based personal relationship assistant

Povilas S
Povilas S Jan 04, 2022
The app could evaluate your interactions automatically, this would require a more sophisticated system, but would make the app way more attractive to the users since rating each of your interactions manually is tiring and would soon get annoying for many.
The system would use body sensors to detect changing physiological parameters and determine your emotional state while interacting with different people. This could be done by wearing a smart ring containing sensors that would be coupled with your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. The app could record virtually every interaction you have with people throughout the day. It could record conversations and later replay them to you for you to recognize whom you were speaking to (even if it was a stranger or a lesser-known person). It would also mark the time/location of each conversation.
The app would rate each interaction automatically based on your physiological parameters during it. It could even evaluate your text chats the same way. The system could be coupled with voice recognition software to identify people from their voices automatically as you converse throughout the day. It would then compile a big database of information with whom you communicate on a daily basis, which interactions are repeating at what frequency, which interactions are quality ones, which are disadvantageous to you, etc.
With time it would gather enough data to be able to advise you which people to avoid, with which to spend more time, and what types of people to include in your circles to be happier.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
If the app user wore something like google glasses, AI could recognize people via facial recognition and by their posture, voice, etc.
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