Facebook PixelAn app that lets you reconstruct data harvested from your phone to your specifications before sending it out
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An app that lets you reconstruct data harvested from your phone to your specifications before sending it out

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Contrived _voice Apr 02, 2022
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Imagine if you could tailor your own ads, therefore, removing the need for companies to harvest your data
Have you ever just talked about something in the safety of your own house and then gotten an ad that was so specific that you started questioning whether your phone was secretly recording you?
well, it's unnerving and takes away from your peace of mind. I think some people would prefer to just tell the data companies what they are into instead of constantly questioning their privacy.
I think this system works great too because instead of getting ads they might want, the users get ads they actually want, which could result in more sales
How it works
The app once downloaded starts to monitor all data sent out from your phone. It displays a small icon on the top corner of your screen. Tapping that icon means you like the page and you would like ads around that topic. Unless that button is pressed, the app prevents your phone from sending information that could otherwise be used to target you with ads.
You also create your own public profile, all data that requires sending back to the website as feedback but could potentially be used for ad campaigns is bent to fit this personality profile that you created meaning you retain full control of the whole process.
Whenever the "manage your cookies" option pops up on websites, the app should be able to choose the option that allows it to filter out the most data without your input. Personally having to manage your cookies for each website you visit get's pretty annoying over time and automating the process while also being sure your data is safe would be a big plus.
This gives the user a feeling of control over what aspect of their lives is being monitored making them feel more at ease
Relevant research
The question of whether your phone is listening to you has been floating around for a while, partly because of how good algorithms have gotten at creating personality profiles over the past few years.
There were some reports back in 2019 of Facebook having people listen to your conversations or having an algorithm transcribe them .Facebook denied the claim and since no solid proof could be found, the issue remains a rumor.
A tech security company tried to find some truth to it but the data showed that there is no one listening to you . however, another study by a different group did find proof that some apps on your phone actively take screenshots and send them to third parties The paper is worrying in itself, so I think it requires a solution if only for the public's peace of mind.





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