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An app that shows walls that have been marked for graffiti artists to use

Image credit: Banksy - Artscape

Spook Louw
Spook Louw Apr 13, 2022
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A map that shows private property, marked by the owners, that graffiti artists are free to use.
Graffiti is considered vandalism and artists often get in trouble for "destruction of public property". Many people appreciate the art of graffiti though and would love for artists to decorate their walls. An app like this could indicate areas that graffiti artists are allowed to use. Artists get free and legal canvasses, and property owners get free art.
How it works
For this iteration of this idea, ideally, the designated areas should be accessible from the street. This way, artists can come and go as they please, without the platform having messaging or scheduling features.
Owners can simply mark their walls as open for artists to use.
Creative contributions

Different approach

Spook Louw
Spook Louw Apr 13, 2022
A second way to approach this idea, which will give both the homeowners and the artists more control, but would also make the app much more complicated, is to have artists upload their designs and have property owners browse and choose the specific designs by the specific artist they want. Effectively, the app would then act as a marketplace for graffiti artists. They might still choose to "sell" their designs for free, or only cover the cost of their paint, or they might use it as a platform from which to run their business.
It would allow for more control, users can get exactly what they want, and artists could gain an online following for their designs and build up a customer base.
How it works
For this approach to the idea, the app would need to at least have messaging capabilities. If sales are to be done on the app, it would need much more security and transactional functions and capabilities.
People would essentially buy designs and the artist would come to their building and complete the artwork.
This more controlled version of the idea allows for people to buy designs for anywhere, schedule when the artist would come and allow buyers to ask for customizations on designs.
Personally, I think there are already enough avenues available to find artists to paint your walls, and commissioning specific pieces does not really fit with the spirit of graffiti, but if this approach is popular, the app might be able to incorporate both the buying of designs and the marking of open "canvases" which are free to be used by artists.
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
In my opinion, this approach is better solely because if the owners simply marked the wall to be available for everyone, it might be turned into a mess. Having a legal right to paint whatever they want, some "graffiti artists" could start painting all kinds of non-artistic stuff, write insulting words, etc. If anyone could check which walls are freely available for painting online, it would be way easier for vandals to abuse the opportunity.
I'm not saying that all graffiti artists are vandals, I'm prone to graffiti myself, but for a graffiti painting to look nice, it has to be made with that intention:)
On the other hand, places for people to freely express whatever they want are perhaps as necessary as places for nice graffiti art, so maybe the website could ask the owners to indicate whether they allow people to paint anything there or are they expecting something nice or even something in particular.
I imagine for someone who has a semi-abandoned house awaiting restoration, demolition, or similar property, there's not much difference what kind of "art" will end up on the wall. Someone might simply be generous and do this as a good deed to provide an opportunity for local youth to play/express themselves:)
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Proof of ownership issues and filtering

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Apr 15, 2022
How would you confirm whether the owners were actually the ones that approved their wall to be used?
They would need to be contacted by the artist somehow.
Hence, I feel like the second approach works better for private properties. Even without purchasing the murals, just as a way of signalling acceptance of graffiti.
While a city/government initiative can cover the public spaces with the first approach.

For the second approach without purchasing, just as a signalling app, it would be great to have filters for colour palettes you are ready to accept on your walls. Also, art styles and motives. Cartoonish, religious, athletics, geometrical, flowery...
I would love a Japanese art style mural, but wouldn't like a giant purple tag of someone's pseudonym on my backyard wall.
Also filter the sizes you are ready to accept to have on your wall. Maybe you want only one giant work of art the whole size of the wall, or several smaller ones.
But I also feel there would be an issue with the second approach that if you ok one grafitti, not-approved artists would see that as an open invitation to decorate your wall the way they want to. How can we combat that?
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General comments

Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic2 years ago
And if they could stick to those walls only, that would be great. In Serbia, some artists show off their work on residential buildings and bridges. It degrades the scenery and makes the vicinity look dangerous.
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