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An app to find personal Halloween makeup artist

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Povilas S
Povilas S Oct 30, 2021
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An app to find freelance makeup artists to do you a particular makeup for Halloween (or other occasions) that you desire.
How would it work: You find an image online that represents a specific makeup you'd like to wear during Halloween, for example, it could be an appearance of some evil character from a horror movie. If you have skills to paint or photoshop a certain image yourself - even better. You post that image in the app and indicate a price range which you are willing to spend on that makeup. The app searches for makeup artists registered on the platform in your location.
The artists then bet on your proposition. You review their profiles, references, how well are they voted by other users, pick one or a few to have a short "job interview" with, if desired, and then go to have your makeup done. A deposit (a certain percentage of the total agreed sum) could be held in escrow until the makeup is performed and the customer approves to pay the total sum. The platform could charge a small percentage of the sum for mediation services.
The benefits of this:
  • Income during Halloween period and other occasions for anyone who's reasonably good at doing makeup.
  • Anyone willing can find an artist to do them any specific makeup that they want to wear.
  • The process could be fun for both the customer and the makeup artist, the makeup artist would be able to choose a specific makeup they'd like doing in advance, they could scroll through posts until they found the types of makeup they would like doing and then bet only on those posts.
The background of the idea: During Halloween people mostly do makeup themselves or ask friends to do it for them. This is not always convenient, especially if you want more professionally looking makeup or have a specific idea of what you'd like to look like. I initially thought of pop-up makeup shops that would operate only during the Halloween period and would do makeups for anyone passing by. They could have catalogs of available types of makeup.
However, such shops most likely already exist (even though I wasn't able to find mentions of them during a quick web search), I think the shops selling Halloween costumes (or costumes in general) might offer such service during Halloween. The benefit of having an app instead of a stable makeup shop, however, is that the users could choose any specific makeup they'd like to have and find an artist willing/able to do it. This also eliminates the need for a physical establishment. The makeup can be done in either the artist's place or the customer's place depending upon agreement.
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General comments

jnikola3 years ago
My sister did this for her friends for fun. She didn't go professional or freelance, but my friends used to search Instagram using "mua" (make-up artist) and "Halloween" keywords (or native language translations) to find people capable of doing the desired mask. These people often had a bunch of photos on their profile representing their work and skills. The price was negotiable.
I also found a web page called Thumbtack dedicated to finding professionals in pretty much anything. I am sure Glamdeva and Bark could also help, if it goes beyond the borders of the UK.
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Povilas S
Povilas S3 years ago
Juran Yes, you can always search for makeup artists through other platforms, even Upwork might be useful for this to an extent. But I think an app dedicated particularly to Halloween makeup might be successful because of narrowing things down to a very specific niche and making it easier both for customers and artists. Such an app would have a trendy feel because of being dedicated specifically to Halloween. The app wouldn't be successful everywhere, but in countries where Halloween is popular enough, so UK and US for sure, maybe some other places too.
There would be a lot of users during the Halloween period and then none of them after. So it would be like a "festival business model" where you gather all your income during a short period and then wait for another year. But in order to keep the app alive, it might also be used for scary or thematic makeup for other occasions like dress code parties, art performances, etc.
Gamification could also help for keeping the app alive all year round, e.g. upon opening the app's screensaver could show a clock counting days/hours/minutes till Halloween. An app could always update a selection of cool makeups to browse and pick up something for the next Halloween, you could even book a makeup session in advance for a lower price. It could also present a map with a schedule of events happening during Halloween in your town, etc.
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