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An indoor playground where both kids and parents get to experience things for the first time

Image credit: Tanya Benedicto Klich and The Daily Meal

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 29, 2021
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A moderated indoor playground designed to provide everyone with daily novel experiences and parents with maximum comfort.
Kids and adults (separately but in view of each other) get to experience something new every day.
  • Buy parents some free time while the kids are simultaneously entertained, educated, and inspired.
  • A place that both kids and adults love to visit.
How it works
The setting
One big hall that is visually separated into 2 main areas. Half is tailored to kids, the other half to adults. Both are in each other's line of sight at all times.
There are automated curtains, lights, high-quality audio system, etc. that can transform the entire place into anything at the click of a button. Imagine a place that can quickly be transformed into a circus, a playhouse, or a workshop.
Your spot should be reserved at least a day in advance so that the place has enough staff on hand and enough material for the kids and adults to use.
Adults have several different settings to choose from. Each area has a direct line of sight towards the kids:
  • Luxurious privacy booths with recliners and a workbenches. Perfect for computer work or relaxation (binge browsing social media, watching movies, etc)
  • A caffe/cafeteria area for socializing and eating
  • An area for back/shoulders massage, pedicure, manicure. Some chairs are positioned so that people can have conversations during service, other are more isolated for people who wish to be left alone
  • A gym
  • A lecture-room like area
  • A daily program area with workbenches where people learn new skills
Kids can join their parents in any area at any time, then go back to the kids area when they are ready for more fun. Even if your kid interrupts a lecture, nobody minds.
Safety and convenience
Besides being within each other's line of sight, kids and parents receive wrist-mounted walkie-talkies so they can communicate and locate each other at any time. This prevents unnecessary trips just to check in on each other.
The program
There is a different program for kids and adults every day. The weekends are more elaborate compared to workdays. There is a schedule of activities online. Anyone can book ahead.
The goal is to have kids entertained so much that they forget about their parents for a while. In the meantime, parents can enjoy the program that has been prepared for them that day.
The emphasis for both kids and parents is on experiencing something new.
A few examples for parents:
  • learn new skills by attending lectures (online marketing, cooking a new dish, psychology, woodworking, etc)
  • hands on workshops
  • arts (drawing, sculpting, etc)
  • joining in on debates between experts with different views
  • learn a few tricks for self defense and try it out on others
  • get some computer work done or relax in the private booth
  • solo work out in the gym
  • group work out (aerobics, yoga, martial arts)
  • massages, pedicures, manicures, etc
  • have a meal, coffee, drink, mingle with other parents
An example of a day's worth of program for kids:
  • Hands-on snake petting while learning everything about them (kids who don't want to touch them can just watch or pet a more fluffy animal)
  • A quick fun physical game between kids (5 by 5 blindfolded kids have to reach the other side while everyone else is cheering them on)
  • CNC router woodworking where one machine is continuously making something satisfying to watch while an expert is setting up the other while explaining how it works. Kids get to push buttons and see small actions performed based on that.
  • A quick physical game where someone in a costume chases the kids around while the kids are tied to each other by one leg and have to outrun the chaser in pairs.
  • The kids collectively build a big fort out of foam blocks. Then an adult hanging on to a rope like a wrecking ball destroys it. Then kids rebuild it a few times and destroy it by hanging onto the rope in pairs or tripplets.
  • A quick party under a strobe light. Kids get to click in some effects on the DJ's gear.
  • and so on.. action and novelty packed day, every day.
Creative contributions

An Infento playground where kids build vehicles with their parents

Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic Jun 06, 2022
I imagine building vehicles like this with my son until he gets good at it and starts building them with his friends:

Modular vehicles engineering parks
These Infento modular building parts are pretty expensive to buy. It would be amazing though if kids could build their own vehicles at special "building parks". There they could build, drive them around, and then disassemble them when they're ready to go home. This would foster their engineering creativity.
The building parks could be built as franchises. People could pay monthly memberships or one-day admission for their kids. Young engineers would come to mingle and race with other engineers.
Such building parks could be established adjacent to existing skate parks. Kids could then try their creations on the skate course.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
I just got one:) I will talk to the company to see if they would be willing to donate a set as a bounty on the Brainstorming platform
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Personalized experiences and more emphasis on novelty than comfort

Povilas S
Povilas S Nov 30, 2021
I like the aspect that both parents and kids get to experience something new each time. I think the idea could be developed as focusing more on that. From what you write in the description, I see that this would be very interesting for kids, but not so much for parents, in the case of parents, the emphasis is more on comfort and the ability to watch the kids/be close to them while at the same time doing what adults like. Is that correct?
What if instead, the adults got to do something they never experienced each time, just as kids. Both parents and kids could then share their novel experiences and have a similar state of mind/mood to talk about. While engaging in their novel experiences, kids should be in good care of professional staff members so that parents could relax and be fully engaged in their experiences. Kids don't think about parents if they are having fun. Parents don't worry about kids if they know they are safe and happy. Instead of seeing each other during the activities, parents and kids would have fun conversations before, after, and in between (during breaks) them.
It would be harder to arrange something novel each time for parents, cause different adults have a very different set of various experiences, so for this, it would be better to personalize each experience or divide parents into smaller groups accordingly, but the same could be done for kids. It could even be personalized for family - then there would be only one family at a time in the venue/hall and the activities would be adapted to what both parents and kids never yet tried, but would want to.
To make things more interesting, the activities for parents could also be not only novel but challenging as well (the same for kids to an extent, depending on their age, sensitivity level, etc.), forcing them to step out of their comfort zone, learn new skills, etc.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
The adults would basically have a choice of attending a few options to experience/learn something new. They could also opt to skip the novelty of the day but instead relax or work.
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