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App to report issues within an area and vote on prioritizing solutions

Image credit: Shttefan / unsplash.com

John Laviña
John Laviña Jan 19, 2021
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Codename [Disrupt the City] is an app where users can report issues about their cities or towns.

For example, Joe, who lives in Tokyo, doesn't like the pothole on the road that leads to his house. He decided to log in to the app because he's sick and tired of always being bogged down by the pothole. He posted the issue and chooses Tokyo as the city because he's using the "Anonymize" mode of the app. He also has the option of just using his real name but he prefers the Anonymize mode for now.

Two hours later, other people who also lives in Tokyo, saw his post and upvoted the issue. He got tokens because of the upvotes. A user also decided to "Propose Solution" to his issue/post and got tokens for it too.

Three hours later, Joe was trying to stream a movie but the internet was so slow. Fed up because the internet's been slow for the past 2 weeks, he decided to post the issue in the app under the category "Service Providers". 2 minutes later, other pissed off customers upvoted his post. They got notifications because they are in the same city.
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General comments

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni3 years ago
Interesting idea! Too bad you had to abandon it.

I like the token idea. They should be able to be converted into discount coupons at food outlets and other shops. Another barrier to avoid fake reporting can be using tokens to start an issue. For example, you spend 10 tokens to start an issue. If the issue is fake, the person who started it is charged with a penalty (loss of tokens). If the issue is true, the person who reports it gains additional tokens, and each of the upvoters gains tokens. If you report fake multiple times, you lose the ability to start an issue. If you want to start another issue, you need to upvote 10 other issues that are not fake.

The idea of having people who verify is also good. Even here, a successful true verification can give the verifier bonus tokens and deduct them if the issue is falsely verified. After multiple false verifications, the verifier will lose their status.

Darko Savic If brainstorming.com could do it, nothing like it!

Juran K. 's point is important. If I understand it correctly, the types of issues that can be raised need to be defined. This app can work for issues faced by the people that can be rectified by the governing body. For issues between people, there are other services available (police and the law). Here are a few examples from Juran's comment that, I think, fall under disrupcity: I always slip in front of my building on a rainy day (issue - slimy and dirty footpath or road), letters are always a week late (issue - delay in postal service), the green traffic light on my way to the job is just too short and I lose 10 mins there, garbage container is always full and there is garbage around it, etc.
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John Laviña
John Laviña3 years ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni Awesome input bro!

This is definitely a great idea and hopefully Brainstorming can implement this soon! This is a great usecase for blockchain/crypto tech with massive possibilities. :)

When it comes to what types of issues can be defined, I guess we can always go back to the main question/statement why Disrup the City idea began:

-Disrupt the City!
-How can we make things better?

Basically, in order to achieve mass adaption, the app should focus first on only allowing early adopters to raise issues that concerns their cities. Then maybe later on, evolve the app to include other issues like: (examples)
-how to improve this software
-how to be better at selling
-how to get more happiness

I think the evolution features will be easier to roll out and gain traction once the main feature set breaks through the markets.

And yes, to make sure there are no minor or irrelevant or senseless issues to be reported, there should be categories and then the maybe a button under the post called "Not Important" to score every post or completely hide them. Or mabe just put them automatically in another category called "SHALLOW ISSUES" :D
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jnikola3 years ago
Nice idea! As I understood, the idea is to fix the issues that cannot be fixed by you, but are the matter of the local community/provider of the service? If yes, It could replace the polls and letters to the mayor/person governing the area.

How would you make sure that people don't post lies and "suffocate" the server?
Let's say the thing worked once, and the Tokio pothole got fixed. The next day, tons of potholes appear on the app, people reporting stupid stuff like "not enough parking" or "raining all day".
After how many votes would you consider the content important? Maybe you could assign the "people of trust" status to people who post good and useful stuff, or "the reporter" status to people who go and check if the content is true, and then their vote counts more.
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John Laviña
John Laviña3 years ago
Juran Hi Juran,

Thanks for your feedback.

It's not really just about issues that local governments or service providers can fix. People can also discuss issues that can be solved by people themselves with the aid of advice and feedback from other users.

To make sure users don't post fake info, they all must undergo a verification process before being able to use the platform. Also, users should be able to upload documentation, evidence, proof, background, etc. to support the existence of the issue. Then also add an AI and geospatial component to the app to further improve authenticity of the data.

Of course, nothing beats user feedback so if other users find some irregularities or something funny about the posted issue, they should be able to challenge it. If other users are sure it is fake info, they can click on a flag button.

So all these variables will add up to something we can call "Authenticity Score" which other users can see.

Not sure what you mean by "suffocate" the server but I'll go with my gut and assume you meant security so I'll say, this app should be a dApp.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
So an app to report service issues within a geographical area?

This would be useful as an official city council app where citizens could report issues and then based on the number of votes the issues would be prioritized and fixed in that order
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