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Apprentice for a day

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nanapublicbgosh Feb 07, 2021
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I wish I was smarter. Smartness, comes from getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. New tastes, cultures, experiences, and languages all compound to rejuvenate your brain and create new connections.
College is great. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge I have received and the motivation and dedication I ingrained in myself. It is not always easy. However there are areas where college itself gets a big old F.
Getting into the job market, the first days are always so stressful for me. But before I know it, i am settling in. What if everyday was like the first day? What if you could experience the first day stress over and over again. Maybe, just maybe, this would make you smarter.
My job finder concept connects you to professionals in every industry and you can shadow them for a day for $100 dollars. You can peer over a lawyers shoulder or be a doctors side kick. The movies arnt real life, but real life could be more like the movies.
$90 of those dollars go directly to the professional for their flexibility, while $10 of it goes to us. I believe this is a proper incentive to get people interested in the program. Its as simple as that.
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Spook Louw
Spook Louw Mar 31, 2021
I think it might be asking too much of the professionals to be stuck with an outsider for a day. The apprentices could easily get in the way or prevent the pros from doing everything they need to do.

Perhaps this idea could be approached differently though, maybe you can get someone with expertise in the desired field to give a tour of a "typical working day".

A young med student, for instance, could earn some extra money by taking the apprentice through their normal schedule and showing them around allocated areas of the hospital. Or a law student can sit in a court session with the apprentice and explain everything afterwards.

I think, in this way, apprentices still get the information they are after, whether it be for interest or to help them decide on a career path. Students or retirees get an opportunity to make some money. And the professionals don't get irritated by having to take care of another obligation piled onto their already full working schedule.

Like I said, if the professionals are willing, then the idea is perfect as is, I'm just wondering if they will be able to remain patient and give enough attention to the apprentice if they are busy with their actual work. I think emergencies might arise, which could force the pro to ditch the apprentice, or even just become stressed and lash out at the apprentice/customer for being in the way. By getting someone knowledgeable who is dedicated to only the customer these risks are eliminated.
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salemandreus3 years ago
I love this idea! The courtroom example is perfect one! Some jobs allow for more mentoring than others, for example when I was doing work experience while studying first-year journalism I could go to the morning standup meetings and during the day I could also ask my mentor questions while he was writing up a few articles as it didn't take too much of his focus. I got to author and co-author news articles right off the bat for a major local newspaper.
My Journalism course tutor told me that his first day of work experience involved being able to go to various sites and interview people about breaking news for the local paper.
I suppose it depends on the industry and the risks involved and the type of regulations that apply as well as the burden on the supervising professional - for example, reputable newspapers go through editing and have a lot of accountability measures so there is little risk to allowing the newbie the opportunity to write some of the news articles. Similarly, many schools do not have a problem having a student teacher come for a day or to teach several classes while the teacher sits in and evaluates, provided the term schedule is keeping up with the course curriculum.
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni3 years ago
You are right, it can be annoying for the professionals to carry an apprentice for the whole day. There is a way around to avoid that. The professionals can enlist only if they want to. Those that want to help students can enlist in the program; it should not be obligatory for every professional. Moreover, the professional can identify specific dates when they are relatively less busy and have time to answer the apprentice's questions. These dates will be displayed on the platform and the apprentice can then select the preferred date and pay.
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Apprentice Share

Aaron Barry
Aaron Barry Apr 01, 2021
Another way to do this could be apprentice share. This is where employers already have an apprentice and swap/share them with other employers. For example, say you have a divorce legal practice and an apprentice, you could allow your apprentice to spend a day/week or month at another law firm that specialises in a different area like crime as an example. The apprentice that swaps firms get exposure to the area of law they do not encounter from their existing employer.
For the employer the apprentice still needs to do the normal day-to-day tasks so shouldn’t need training from scratch and should be familiar with the general legal practice concepts of time recording, creating statements, case files, etc.
If you hold the database of the apprentices and the employers, then you can arrange the ‘swaps’. In addition, you may have an employer that has an apprentice that is getting in the way and the employer wants you to find a short-term placement for them while they finish working on a big case. You could arrange a temporary assignment in another workplace for them. Perhaps the employer would take an apprentice and help out another employer in return?
I think there is certainly a gap here and a win win for the employer and the apprentice.
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General comments

Manel Lladó Santaeularia
Manel Lladó Santaeularia3 years ago
I like the idea, but I think it is a bit limited to how much your day is actually worth it. Why not a week? It would teach you way more and at the same time give you a more in-depth grasp of what it's like to do that job. I did something similar when I studied my Biomedicine degree: we spent a week following the work of a team of doctors from the Internal Medicine Unit. It was way better than a day, because we could follow up on things that started on other days, have more experiences and learn a wider array of things that we would have missed if we had only been there for a day.

This kind of experience could be more rewarding and people would be more enticed into making that kind of economic investment. Paying 100 dollars for a day's worth of information and experience could be worth it or a total waste of money. Investing money into a week of training and experiences would probably sound more appealling Also, spending a week there would allow you to form connections, and show a bit of who you are yourself, and those are normally the things that open the most doors in the job market.
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jnikola3 years ago
I think we could all be very useful with our skills and knowledge in many other areas outside of our domain. A few months ago, we had a similar idea (https://brainstorming.com/ideas/unrelated-expertise-exchange-network/32), but this one has one big entry advantage - money. Instead of being paid by gained knowledge, meeting new people, and all the benefits of changing the perspective from which the specific problem is being watched, people could do it because of money, too. Not all people are ready to enter the "game" for a "chance to grow". Sometimes you need money first, to later understand the bigger value of it.

But it seems to me that the idea of getting smarter is the background of both, Darko Savic's and nanapublicbgosh's idea.
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Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic3 years ago
Hi nanapublicbgosh, I like this idea a lot. It seems you don't even need much to get the idea started and test the proof of concept. You can start by establishing a local agency in an area, find a handful of people who would like to learn from a local professional, then try to make it happen for them. A nice looking website and business cards would be a plus when approaching the professionals. Start locally, think globally.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
In time, when the project becomes widely accepted maybe the state-funded employment agencies could cover the apprenticeship fees in some cases. People could put such apprenticeships on their resumes
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Apprentices would need to be vetted somehow, to prevent potential bad actors from creating trouble for the professional. Maybe some kind of psychological evaluation test
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