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Career Exploration and Preparation Using Temp Work Agencies

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Dannon Loveland
Dannon Loveland Aug 24, 2021
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Temporary/Contract Employers are frequently looking for people to fill roles. If instead of just offering that work as an option for someone who cannot find a job, they also offer to someone who is looking to explore career options, they might attract a different crowd. Besides being a middleman between employers and people seeking employment, they also offer some sort of structure/education that would make it more about career preparation. This might be throwing in some job-shadowing or informational interviews as part of the work. It could be exciting for a job seeker to be able to have the promise of trying out a number of different employers and roles and make some money doing it.
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High school grads trying different jobs for a year

Povilas S
Povilas S Aug 25, 2021
I had this idea long ago that an opportunity to try different jobs for some time (like a year or so) would be very useful for young people. Perhaps the best time would be after graduating from high school. Many people usually do a gap year at this point dedicated for traveling, volunteering, and similar activities to help them decide what they want from life. While working for a year doesn't sound as attractive as traveling it could be very useful at guiding you to a good career choice or just simply widening your understanding of the job market and what industries would suit you more. This would not only be helpful for those who plan to work directly after school but also for those who plan to study because getting familiar with different occupations on a practical level is immensely useful for choosing the right study program for yourself.

There could be twelve jobs from different industries fitted in a period of one year, each experience lasting for a month. A person about to try the program could compile the list of desired jobs entirely by him/herself by choice, but there should be an alternative of recommended to try vacancies selected by experts of a current job market. Jobs should be wisely selected so that the trainees would be able to grasp a wide spectrum of the job market. A personalized recommendation list could also be prepared by experts taking into account inclinations/talents/skills of a specific individual together with important features of a current job market (which industries pay more, which industries lack employees, etc.).
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If the host companies provide a structured course, they could also issue degrees/ diplomas

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Aug 31, 2021
Imagine getting your Masters degree from a company (probably in affiliation with an educational institute). The degree could be highly specific. Instead of "mechanical engineering", it could say "research on car dashboard functionality". The basic courses that the student needs to work at the company will be taught by the institute or a person from the company. The student could take extra courses at the institute and audit some if they wish to learn something extra.

This could help the student with the fees. Since they work at a company, the company may help with their fees or pay them a stipend. Students do odd jobs to support their education. With this system, they could work in their field of interest. The best part is that they would put the theoretical knowledge to use, immediately. After the course, if the company and the student agree, they could be hired. This will eliminate the time required to learn the new job and how the company functions.

Instead of searching for employees who have the desired knowledge and experience, the companies could create such candidates.
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Dannon Loveland
Dannon Loveland3 years ago
I love it! I think there is so many opportunities with this idea!
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Hi Dannon Loveland 🖖

I like the idea. It feels like a hybrid of these two:
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Dannon Loveland
Dannon Loveland3 years ago
Thanks, Darko Savic!
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