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Artificial intelligence for managing second hand and new things

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Mikhail Korsanov
Mikhail Korsanov May 31, 2022
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Idea 746 - 31.5.2022. Artificial intelligence for managing second hand and new things.
Everyone who does not need some things (both clothes and appliances, furniture, equipment, etc.) does not throw them away, but gives away for free or for some money. Houses can have a special box for such things that you do not need anymore. These things are taken away once in a while by special transport (perhaps, automated drones).
A robot controlled by artificial intelligence, trained to distinguish and test the characteristics of things, creates a profile of the thing for all significant characteristics, and the thing is sent for storage until demanded by someone.
When someone needs something, one fills in an adaptable questionnaire to detail the need. According to this questionnaire, a suitable item is selected and, after the approval of the customer, it is sent to him by mail for payment, or in some cases another organization or individual pays for the payment (gift, charity, etc.).
Also, by studying and summarizing the request questionnaires, manufacturers can adapt their production plans to satisfy requests with new things.
In order to increase healthy demand, not only does the questionnary is given to the user when the system has a request, but an AI agent also observes and analyzes a person’s life activity online and offline. It proactively asks questions where they are likely to be relevant and fit into a person's current needs. If interested, the person is invited to take a quiz from a series of clarifying questions on characteristics, after which a suitable object is selected, taking into account all the features of each case.
The search for a thing can be carried out according to the principles of multi-parameter optimization, when the system searchs the object closest to the required in terms of characteristics in the space of options available.
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