Facebook PixelCan we find a way to stop art theft from NFT's?
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Can we find a way to stop art theft from NFT's?

Image credit: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Feb 15, 2022
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With NFT's being so popular, everyone wants a piece of the cake. Thing is, not everyone has the knowledge to make thier own NFT series or they just don't want to and prefer the easy way out. The problem here is that the easy way out is collecting people's art on pinterest, Instagram and tumblr and seeling them as NFT's. No credit or portion of the sales goes to the original creators,which is sad because most of them depend on their art for a living. One artist reported that some of his work dating as far back as 2008was misappropriated in this way.
Of course because NFT's are just a sale of the URL where the picture is found and not a sale of the actual art, you can't sue for copyright infringement. This is just a technical loophole and illogical quibble in my opinion.
Online galleries like DeviantArt provide some level of protection to content posted there and you could technicaly reverse search every NFT you find to get it's original source, however, the NFT market like crypto-markets is unregulated. There is no one to make sure that this is done nor is there any initiative to follow through with it. The more participants in the market, the better it is for the individuals running them. Imposing laws would just thin out out both the sellers and buyers.
So, what can be done?



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