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Chronic inflammation and longevity

Image credit: Image by swiftsciencewriting from Pixabay

Tarik Regad
Tarik Regad Nov 26, 2020
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What is the role of chronic inflammation in longevity?

Inflammation plays a critical role in the development of age-related disorders . The Conserved Transcriptional Response to Adversity (CTRA) gene expression pattern involves the expression of a group of genes (e.g., IL1B, IL6, IL8/CXCL8, COX2/PTGS2, and TNF) that are involved in promoting chronic inflammation through the activation of pro-inflammatory cytokines . CTRA gene expression appears to be induced by a signalling pathway named “social transduction pathway” that is controlled by evolutionary treats response systems in the central nervous system (CNS) and that are triggered by adverse environmental conditions, such as poverty, stress, loss, trauma, and instability. Mechanistically, these life events create chronic and uncertain conditions that prompt the peripheral neural signalling to secrete norepinephrine, which induces the b-adrenergic receptor/cAMP/PKA signalling pathway, resulting in the activation of transcription factors, such as CREB, NF-kB and AP1, that induce the expression of CTRA genes.

From the above observations, increasing longevity may rely on multi-layers interventions that could include lifestyle changes via improving living conditions, reducing stress, promoting positive attitudes and behaviours, but may also involve pharmacological approaches that can interfere with the pathways that trigger the CTRA gene expression.

Considering the above, which intervention is likely to be the best approach for increasing longevity? And why do you think that?

[1]Zhong, Jixin, and Guixiu Shi. "Regulation of inflammation in chronic disease." Frontiers in Immunology 10 (2019): 737.

[2]Furman, David, et al. "Chronic inflammation in the etiology of disease across the life span." Nature medicine 25.12 (2019): 1822-1832.

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