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disposable glucose test for home users

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Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo Jun 19, 2023
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Said you made some food or something to drink in your home. You would like to test how much sugar it contains in order to decide if it is healthy enough for your current desires; for example doing a cocktail. Or on the other hand you could adjust the recipe to allow it to be used more frequently, as a soup with a bit more water or a juice with different ingredients.
Here is a product development opportunity since it appears it is not as direct to measure food sugar as it can be measured in blood or other know samples .
When a user buys from the store something to eat or drink it has a nutrient table and sugar used per suggested dose. What happens when you cook at home? Home users could learn a lot from knowing what they are eating at home.
How it works.
A simple disposal test, similar to those to test PH balance, but to test glucose content. One test and then dispose of the sample. It should be degradable. Eco Friendly Home Items.
Would you buy it? Use it if you see it at a coffee shop?

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[2]Scientific Glucose Test Strips for Food Science or Osmosis/Diffusion Experiments [Bag of 50 Plastic Strips], Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/Scientific-Glucose-Science-Diffusion-Experiments/dp/B08F5JSDYZ?th=1&language=en_US

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