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Custom diets as pelleted food for humans

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Aug 29, 2021
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Nutritionally balanced minimum viable food in pelleted form. Basically like high-quality dog food, only made for people.

Different diets would be available (vegan, keto, paleo, raw, low carbs, etc). Regardless of the diet/flavor you choose, every mix would contain all the essential nutrients in optimal proportions for an average human being.

The pellets could be eaten dry, soaked in water, or mixed into shakes.

They should contain something that curbs your appetite/hunger within minutes after consumption.

  • you can't be bothered with meal preparation
  • you want to stick to a specific diet, but have run out of supplies or time so you reach for the pellets as a backup option
  • you want to get over your food addiction (food should be just for sustenance, not for enjoyment or comfort)
  • you are running out of money (the pellets should be the cheapest possible way to feed yourself)
  • no malnutrition possible if you stick to the schedule

A suitable daily dosage and timing is calculated based on your height, sex, age, lifestyle and body type.

The dosage could be adjusted based on your goals. You need:
  • X grams per day to survive but likely loose excess weight
  • Y grams per day to thrive
  • Z grams per day to gain mass
Creative contributions

Same nutrient pellets but different flavor additives

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Aug 30, 2021
I like the idea, @Darko. I think it can be scaled quickly and easily using a slightly different approach. The pellets that contain all the essential nutrients can be the basic food ingredient you purchase. It could have a basic cereal-like crunchy nature.

When you want a change in flavor, you buy the corresponding flavor bottle. For example, if you want BBQ chicken wings, you buy that flavor and drizzle it over your nutrient pellets. That way, you consume all the necessary nutrients but you don't get bored having the same meal every day. This will help with compliance.

The flavor will be an oil-based additive or a dry powder. This way the basic ingredient does not need to change with different flavored meals. Some flavors would need water. For example, if you want a chocolate milkshake, you may need to add water to the chocolate-flavored syrup or powder. Also, initially, the company could start with a few customer-favorite flavors and pellets. Newer flavors could be introduced indefinitely. Imagine a grocery store shelf with bottles of all the different possible kinds of flavors.

If you want to make your flavors, you could do that. Your basic nutrition is been taken care of.
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Contact NASA

jnikola Sep 01, 2021
The idea is great and could work as an incredible way of feeding in times of stress, endless job obligations, and late-night sessions. What you should also consider is that the idea could work in long space travels, too. I guess NASA or Elon would be happy to hear your idea :)

What would be the base for the pellet food? What would stick it all together? Do you have something in mind? Some resource that is easy to produce in large quantities, can bind all the ingredients together and would have a neutral taste?
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Spook Louw
Spook Louw3 years ago
Militaries around the world would probably also pay good money for something like this. I've seen some strange solutions to the problem of feeding soldiers on deployment.
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Not pellets but cookies

jnikola Mar 01, 2022
Mix food and nutrients and produce nutritious cookies to remove the stigma of pelleted food.
  • All whys mentioned by Darko in the idea description
  • Although pellets are maybe the easiest way to deliver a mix of nutrients needed for optimal body function, dry pellets are considered animal food. The only way pellet-looking food can be widely bought and eaten by humans is if it's in form of cereals.
How would it work?
DIY solution
Nowadays there are tons of recipes for all kinds of cookies: sweet, salty, ones with regular doe, ones with spinachor pumpkin doe, vegan, low carb, etc. We could just take these recipes and mix our own nutritious cookies from the ingredients we want. We could study nutricionism a bit or ask professionals and shape it to deliver optimal quantity of everything.
Business idea
The same way we produce dog food or the above-mentioned pellets, we could produce cookies. Of course, we should be careful of the doe material, especially if we want different diets to be available.
As Darko mentioned for pellets, cookies could be eaten dry, soaked in water, or mixed into shakes.
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Produce it as a product

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Aug 29, 2021
Here is how I imagine someone who wants to do this as a product would start:
  1. Pick a niche diet (for example, keto-vegan) that you follow yourself. Prepare everything you plan to eat tomorrow and blend it into a paste with a blender. Divide it into as many portions as you have meals. Eat only your mix.
  2. Based on experience, try to improve the formula for taste, smell, nutrition for the next day. It should be at least neutral if not pleasant. Keep on improving it.
  3. Study human nutrition and figure out what the essentials are, regardless of the diet. Make sure your mix contains just what your body needs, but no more.
  4. Figure out a way to extend the lifespan of your mix to a few days, so that it doesn't go bad too fast. This will likely be some form of dehydration.
  5. Get a few friends who are on similar diets to try your mix and see if they would be willing to pay for the ingredients/work for you to prepare it for them. Would they try eating just your mix for a week, 2 weeks, a month?
  6. Improve your product based on what you learned from your friends.
  7. Find more people that would give your mix a try and commit to the diet for a test period. Your only objective at this point should be to produce a good product that people who are not your friends want to pay for.
  8. Improve your product based on feedback and work on extending its lifespan further. Pelleting, dehydration.
  9. Think about ideal packaging, brand, logo, etc.
  10. Think about rules and regulations, company formation, etc.
  11. Think about automating your production line. Machines, workforce, etc.
  12. Think about marketing and distribution channels.
I would go for different diets only after the first one is well established and loved among its users.
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Michaela D
Michaela D3 years ago
It would also be great for traveling, especially when you cannot easily cook (backpacking) or when you are in places where food quality is questionable.
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