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Driverless self-driving tour service

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Jul 29, 2021
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The development of unmanned vehicles is very rapid. With the improvement of road information, unmanned vehicles can take people to more places. If a person is driving, especially when the distance is very long, we will feel very tired.
A self-driving tourism platform can be established, and platform sites can be set up near major tourist attractions, and a certain number of unmanned vehicles can be placed at each site. For example, there is a scene in my mind: We are in city A and want to travel to city F, passing through cities B, C, D, and E. We place an order in city A and take a driverless car to city B to arrive After city B, the car’s energy is insufficient. We can switch to a new driverless car at the station in city B and continue to city C...
Note: Driverless cars should be equipped with detailed travel guides and recommended route navigation, and emergency rescue equipment should also be installed in the car.
The advantages of this are the following:
  1. If people are in a hurry to go back during the trip, they can drive the car to the nearby airport at any time. After parking, they only need to end the order for the driverless car to end the trip, without any worries.
  2. Free our hands. On this long journey, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way, and we can also stop the car and camp.
  3. Provide a suitable way of travel for people traveling alone.
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