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Unmanned car anti-theft system

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@charliedeets

Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 16, 2021
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Car theft is an illegal act. Even if the police can catch the thief in time, our good mood is still affected. We don't want this to happen. But there always seems to be such a thing.

I think it is possible to design a system to prevent thieves from invading driverless cars. This system is mainly composed of cameras, sensors, intelligent identification systems and emergency response systems. The principle of this system is that when the system detects that a thief has illegally invaded the vehicle (for example, the window is hit hard), the system will send an alarm to the owner's mobile phone to remind him. At the same time, the emergency response system will activate the driverless car on its own and drive the car away from its original position to escape the illegal intrusion of thieves. The driverless car installed with the system will go to the location preset by the owner.

The following points should be paid attention to when using this system:
  1. The owner of the car enters information such as the facial features of himself and the trusted person into the system (this step is to prevent the thief from forging the car key to deceive the system)
  2. In the process of escaping when the car is threatened, the car owner can also remotely change the driving route and destination of the car on the mobile phone.
  3. When the vehicle owner agrees to drive the vehicle by a person who has not entered the feature information database, the vehicle owner can set a temporary authorization.
  4. When charging in an outdoor charging pile, should this system be shut down?
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Two-way authentification

jnikola Aug 30, 2021
I think the problem will become reality very soon. Two explain the anti-theft solution, I will divide cars into two categories - private and shared driverless cars.

For private use, I propose the car "key" and a fingerprint, password, or something you defined as a login option (like on a smartphone).

In shared use, I propose two-way authentication with a mobile phone, email, or "token-like device" when unlocking the car. The authentification method should clearly identify you. That way, you would get a single-use key, and only after confirmation by entering the key in the car system, you would be able to pick a route and start your trip. The person being driven would be clearly identified and the possibility of theft would be greatly reduced.

If not successfully authenticated, car would remain blocked.

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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Soon enough, driverless cars will have no way of being operated by humans except for selecting their destination and route. The cars will probably have permanent communication with the manufacturer or a 3rd party controlling server. The only way anyone would attempt to steal such a car is if they can cut off communication for long enough to hack/reprogram it. If that happens it wouldn't go on for long before the manufacturer fixes the bug. Car owners would probably be reimbursed by the manufacturer because of the bug that made the hack possible.

Anyone attempting to steal a driverless car would have to be pretty confident that the manufacturer didn't build in any tricks they are not aware of.
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