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Fitness debt app to gamify weight management

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jun 14, 2022
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Fitness debt app as a gamified way of keeping track of your energy consumption versus expenditure ratio. Your friends keep you accountable and motivated to maintain your optimal daily ratio.
  • You owe it to yourself to burn every calorie you consume. The calories you don't burn are seen as debt that you eventually have to make up for. If you don't, you gain weight.
  • A gamified way of losing weight.
  • A way for friends to keep each other accountable and adhere to their fitness goals.
How it works
An app that keeps track and learns to predict your daily caloric intake and expenditure. It's paired with a device that monitors your heart rate, which helps it calculate your energy expenditure.
Guestimate caloric intake
The app relies on you logging everything you eat. You input the type of food and approximate quantities for every meal or snack. When logging your food, you can:
  • Input the total calories if you have that info
  • input the total quantity and the list of ingredients and guess the ratio between them
  • Input the food + weight (150g chicken, 100g potatoes, 50g lettuce)
If your goal is to loose weight the app will try to motivate you to burn more calories than you consume. If your goal is to maintain it, the app will warn you if you burn more than you consume.
Accountability network
Everyone has a profile where your friends (or evryone if you want) can see your daily caloric intake and expenditure. People can comment on each other's meals and activity graphs.
The app tries to get you to keep a streak of days with optimal caloric consumption to expenditure ratio.
Everyone's list of friends is arranged like a hall of fame. The person that keeps the longest streaks of optimal days is shown on top.
What else could be a good way to gamify the concept and keep people motivated?
Creative contributions

Friends can sync their meals

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Jun 14, 2022
Since the plan is to gamify the concept, I think syncing meals is another thing that will help. Friends can come together to form groups on the app. Then, they can vote on which meals to have as a group and on which days. When members of the group have those meals, whether homemade or at a restaurant, they share a picture of themselves for verification and also for fun. Basically, it'll be like incorporating Instagram into the fitness debt app only that it has a purpose.
By the way, I love the concept of rewards and punishments. So, there should a way to punish people who do not fulfill their quota.
I'll suggest things like ordering the next round of collective meal and paying for the group's next subscription if it's a paid app.
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Neil Carmichael

Neil Carmichael
Neil Carmichael Jul 04, 2022
There is a cultural phenomenon of self-tracking called "The quantified self" that this would fit into.
One key think would be linking to other services such as google fit and apple heath rather than it being a stand-alone app and having to have people retype data.
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Photoshop the finish line for positive reinforcement

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Jun 16, 2022
The Gold option would have the app take a shirtless photo of you and have a photoshop-savvy designer make you seem leaner, more buffer to help you envision yourself. I think that's the missing link for a lot of people. They don't know how better they can look. So the photoshopper would trim fat, make their jawline more visible, cheekbones protruding. Like a build-your-own character in role-playing games. The photo is shared amongst friends and you can see their reactions that would boost feel-good chemicals.
It's a completely different thing when you see another person undergo a transformation, yet even that gives you a good feeling, a motivation boost. Imagine seeing your best self on the screen, and then your current self in the mirror.
Seeing a terrible photo of themselves is often a trigger for people to start working on weight loss. Adding positive reinforcement would do wonders.
Then based on how much you paid, show what you can be in two months with a weight loss of 8kg, or how you can look ideally for the top price. It can be your avatar for further motivation.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
DALL-E 2 should be able to do that without photoshop

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Automate calorie counting as much as possible to make the app convenient

Povilas S
Povilas S Aug 23, 2022
It's a drag to count nutritional data of all the food you eat if you do it manually. And because the concept of the app is about repaying nutritional debt, it would be best to count the calories as precisely as possible.
There are apps, like this one, that provide nutritional data of the food product by simply scanning its barcode. This is not always enough, cause not all food products are sold in packages that have barcodes. For loose fruits, veggies, etc. you can use the search function and enter the approximate size, number of items, etc. and the app then provides approximate nutritional data. But even if you scan the barcode you still have to approximate the amount of product that you ate or used for cooking.
The best would be to have the app also paired with a scale so that you wouldn't need to approximate product quantities or/and enter the numbers manually.
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