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Herpes as an immunity biomarker?

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Juran Sep 07, 2020


[2]https://www.coldsorescured.com/immune-system-and-cold-sores/; https://www.herpes-coldsores.com/immune-system.htm

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Biological risk and business interference

Martina Pesce
Martina Pesce Oct 27, 2020
Juran4 months ago
Thank you for joining the discussion. The main idea was to stress out that HSV infection can, except cold sores and and rare severe complications, be an amazing marker of immunity drop.

As you mentioned, "invisible negative health factors, such as stress, are too easily neglected", and often cause different health issues. Therefore, IF you are infected, you can use it as a biomarker to help your future you to reduce the consequences of stress by avoid these highly stressful situations and states. Just an idea.

But I agree that before we ever think of vaccinating people with modified-HSV, we need proof it works (validation of these stressors reactivating the virus), proof it responds just to excessive stress (whatevet that means for each individual) and we need a way to perfectly control the virus.

Stress is good for business and people who cope better with it, usually perform better. That could be a limitation of HSV vaccination, because then you would have measure of how you respond to certain amount of stress and how stressful you consider the situation. With that in mind, employer could selectively choose people who respond better. Although it would be good for employees, this should be followed by strict regulation, I agree.

Update on HSV vaccine research

Juran Nov 11, 2020


Epigenetic findings on Herpesviruses

Juran Oct 27, 2020


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