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How can I date someone new every night via video call?

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Dony Christie Jul 27, 2020
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I want to go on video call dates. How can I make this happen? ('Every night' is just a stretch goal/forcing function - once a week would be a stepwise improvement too.)
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Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic Jul 27, 2020
Depending on the kind of girls you want to meet there are different platforms where people have different mindsets. If you are into video chats you probably want girls who can hold a conversation. That rules out some platforms:) What kind of topics do you like to talk about? Maybe linkedin, twitter or even Instagram where you can see what people are interested in so you can narrow them down by a common interest. Then you can use what you see to come up with unique conversation openers. Unique is the key - be different from what everyone else would say. So the obvious low hanging fruit are not a good choice. When you hit it off well, invite her to a video date. Rinse, reassess, repeat what works, refine what doesn't. Fine-tune your game with experience.
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Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic4 years ago
Also, I'm pretty sure the covid isolation has inspired the creation of apps/platforms for this exact purpose. Have you looked? Google "covid video dating apps". It turns up some options
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