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How does “The Jetsons fallacy” muddle our longevity plans?

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Anja M
Anja M Sep 11, 2020
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A sense of belonging

Juran Sep 13, 2020
Anja M
Anja M5 months ago
Juran, thank you for a not just a scientific, but also a personal contribution, I think for these topics they are equally important. :) Yes, I think your paragraph before the last conveys the point. I think the main problem of old people's loneliness is the lack of those everyday talks and tit-bits of common information about their loved ones. Additionally, if they have some sort of a more serious disease, and with it a disproportionate care and attention from their families, it gets worse. So, if longevity does not only imply longer physical life, but also an adequate maturity level, yes, the scenario you mention should solve the problem to a great extent. Meaning, it also depends on how in such a (for now still a more SF scenario of such a prolonged life) scenario the notion of "relationship" will change.
Juran5 months ago
I agree. Let's hope the concept of love will never change and will always require/extort more than a video call :D

The concept of family is changing through history

Povilas S
Povilas S Dec 18, 2020

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