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How to gamify life to make people more motivated?

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Mikhail Korsanov
Mikhail Korsanov Jul 06, 2022
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Goal oriented people, well-motivated ones, make the history. How to gamify the life to make it capturing and motivating for the most of people nor less than computer games do?
Creative contributions

Design day-to-day incentives that fuel the positive feedback loop

Subash Chapagain
Subash Chapagain Jul 06, 2022
Can we develop a shared system that continually incentivizes individuals to accomplish daily/weekly/monthly productive milestones?
How? First, set up a forum/group/club with some chipped-in minimal funds. Everyone in the group on a weekly or monthly basis, sets up their work/productivity targets. At the end of this weekly/monthly period, they come up with some proof that they completed the proposed productivity milestones. Based on this productivity, the group ranks the individuals who were the most productive. The top-ranking individuals are rewarded. The rewards are not simply monetary but designed to make them even more productive. It could be any technical support for their work, networking, ideation, mentorship etc. All the while, just to not leave the less productive individuals behind, there should be some troubleshooting mechanism to make them productive and motivate them as well.
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Mikhail Korsanov
Mikhail Korsanov2 years ago
Thank you for this idea! Team is a new approach for me in this issue. Who sets the goals? What if an individual, to win easily, sets too low goals? How to compare achievements of people with different levels of abilities, strength of desire and scale of goals? One person sets a month goal to smoke 2 cigarettes less per week, and the second one sets a goal to make a million dollars in a month. Is this comparable?
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
A group always helps. Being amidst motivated people will help you overcome your laziness, procrastination, etc. The group/ club meetings should also host successful people who have overcome their inabilities, conduct motivation talks, etc.
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Accomplish tasks as a group

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi Jul 27, 2022
Personally, I find it easier to accomplish tasks when I have a support group. When I wanted to write consistently, I joined a group of fellow writers. And while I was in that group, I wrote more than I had ever written before. The same is true of when I was trying to regain my reading habits and when I wanted to workout consistently.
I recommend an app which exists solely to connect you with people who have similar goals. For instance, if you want to work out consistently, you can indicate this interest and the app will link you with people who are trying to do the same. The same applies if you have other goals.
By the way, the app should only group people who have connections. For example, if I show an interest in something, it should group me with my friends who have similar interests and their friends who have similar interests. At every point, there should always be a 1-to-1 connection. I believe the familiarity will make these goals easy to achieve.
Furthermore, each person should be able to track every other person's progress. Group members can vote on incentives and punishments for people who excel and those who lag behind.
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