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Intellectual sparring platform inspired by popular boxing matches

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jnikola Jul 15, 2022
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Inspired by this tweet, I would suggest creating exciting and dynamic knowledge-rich online intellectual "sparrings/matches" between two individuals or groups in a controlled and expert-reviewed environment on a specific topic.
Some topics have more than one correct opinion, the same as some problems have many solutions - engage smart people in intellectual sparring that serves as entertainment for those that ask for constructive and information-full debates
  • classic debates are often a bit boring and "slow" (non-dynamic)
  • provide a controlled sparring environment to those who feel competitive on online brainstorming platforms
  • provide examples of "debates" to those who would do it in future
  • provide people with specific information and make them think about the ongoing problem
  • provide the sparring participants with social media exposure, money and views
  • earn money
How would it work?
I still didn't think of a unique way how this could be held, but I imagine it to be:
  • an online service that finds brainstormers or ideators with opposing opinions
  • schedules a "match" and determines the rules and conditions (written, spoken)
  • does the targeted marketing to increase the exposure
  • takes a fee and pays the sparring participants their earnings
What else do we need?
Do you know about something similar?
What other things I missed?
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