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Local community service that enables you to do workout by doing useful things

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jnikola Jul 11, 2022
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If you are not earning money from good looks, training in gyms could be replaced by functional workouts while doing useful community work.
  • People pay to do workouts in gyms, while there are tons of heavy-duty jobs that need to be done
  • Meeting your local community
  • Helping neighbours
  • Fixing things in your neighbourhood
  • Fresh air instead of sweaty gym air
  • Using energy for something else except pumping muscles
  • Using muscles for something else than just showing off
  • Saving money
How would it work?
An app where anybody can post a job that needs to be done. Jobs first need to be reviewed by the moderators. If the job has repetitive actions, heavy duty work (lifting, carrying) or requires endurance, it gets approved. Jobs that don't require brainwork are preferred. Whoever posts a job with description, includes the number of people necessary to do it. An applicant can make the job harder by doing it in a harder way (longer route, more repetitions, adding weight).
Gardening (an example of how much calories you can burn by gardening compared to the gym), wood splitting, digging holes in the ground (manpower instead of the excavator), loading/unloading the truck, moving, furniture delivery on high floors in the building, breaking down of walls, houses, etc.
Do you have more ideas on how to improve the service? More examples?
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Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Jul 11, 2022
  • I look at picking up litter as a low intensity cardio session and a flexibility / movement drill (because I'm in a crouching stance that I'm rarely or ever in).
  • Taking a tree out of the ground is one of the most physically demanding things I've ever done. So maybe that can be added to the list, but of course, only on private property. Yet, this requires some tools unless the tree is really dry.
  • Cutting the grass in the old fashioned way with a scythe would be very demanding physically.
  • Moving sand or gravel from one side of the yard to another would be hard physically and there is a need for it when people want to redecorate their yards.
Examples that are going to be outdoors are going to feel less like exploitation because there are two benefits: being active and taking in the sun. Also the examples that aren't a job already, like furniture delivery.
While on the organizing side, I think this idea can be done as a version or addition to the app Darko Savic proposed for city maintenance via small jobs.
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Introductory training with a healthcare/fitness professional before work

Povilas S
Povilas S Jul 11, 2022
The difference between a gym and simply physical work is that in a gym exercise machines are designed to keep the exercise balanced and properly performed. With physical work it's more chaotic, jumping between different muscle groups unequally, etc. It's also a higher risk to hurt yourself if doing the physical task improperly.
Therefore I propose having a trainer before each heavy physical work task to show the workers how to do it properly (the lifting, the carrying, holding the tools, most efficient moves, etc.) first for the workers not to harm their health and second to squeeze the maximum value out of this form of exercise.
I think this is what missing in the original idea to make a proposed platform more prone to success/popularity. The trainers could be incentivized by the platform either by getting paid for doing what they do or offering other rewards.
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General comments

Spook Louw
Spook Louw2 years ago
Alternatively, if you don't want to build an app, you could simply have a community forum or Facebook group where elder residents post things they need to have done, and younger residents volunteer for doing certain things.
There would not be a lot of moderation requirements, because the concept runs on a charity basis of people offering up their time, whether it is for their own physical improvement or just out of goodwill does not matter. Similarly, if a job does not meet the "criteria", no one will volunteer.
I think this is an excellent way of allowing people to be active, engaged citizens without having to belong to a group or charity which often comes with financial or time commitments. By doing it this way, anyone is free to decide what to help with, as often as they want to.
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