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Local "what our area is missing" suggestions platform where people raise money to make them happen

Image credit: John and Joanna Godskalender / Pixabay

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Mar 10, 2022
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A local platform where citizens suggest cool projects that are lacking in their area and pledge money to help establish them. It can be a business, a service, an art piece, architecture, whatever. Others then vote on suggestions by also pledging money. The funds go to whoever gets it done.
The suggestions can be anything people saw elsewhere or thought of themselves. Basically like Kickstarter for local projects that are not even planned yet.
How it works
In any city/area, someone can establish a local platform where anyone can point out what's missing and would be amazing to have. People submit suggestions and pledge financial backing.
Others vote on suggestions by also pledging financial support to get the project done. Reputable people/companies can apply to take on the challenge. The people who pledged money then vote on whom to award the project.
The software
Build the software and sell or share it with people in other cities. Whoever takes this project on would need to build the software anyway. Since the platform is focused on the local area, there is no competition with other similar platforms, so you might as well share/sell the software to others. That way people in other areas could establish their own local copy.
No empty promises
If you pledge to contribute, but then refuse to do so when the time comes to make good on your pledge, it goes on your record. The next time you pledge money, your pledge/vote is ignored. You can clear your name by actually funding 2 projects in a row. Then you start with a clean slate and your pledges are not ignored anymore.
For this to be feasible, people need to identify themselves. For small amounts of money, a credit card reauthorization might be enough. For pledges of bigger amounts, a KYC type of video verification might be an option. Social security number (equivalent) should be required. This prevents the same person from creating multiple accounts. As described in the previous paragraph, if they mess up, they must clear their names.
Help from the city
Getting the city's backing would be amazing and set the platform up for success. The city could participate by:
  • Making it easy for people/companies that undertake these projects to get the necessary permits
  • Contributing money to making desirable projects happen
  • Protecting people from scammers by mediating the exchange
To protect people from being scammed out of their crowd-sourced contributions, the city could legally take partial ownership of the project until certain requirements are met. When the project is up and running, the city could relinquish ownership and let the founder(s) own/run everything.
Spontaneous campaigns
People that are strongly devoted to making a project happen can go around their local area, garnering support and donations to fund it.

After having written this I realized that we already talked about a similar idea. I still think the above concept takes a sufficiently different approach and is feasible.
Creative contributions

Utilizing the network of platforms for initial non-winners

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Mar 10, 2022
What if someone goes through all the trouble of making an offer for a project but fails to win? There should be a safety net.
After the winner is selected, the app/platform network can suggest other areas with the solutions that didn't win in the original vote. Maybe reserve it for the second and third-placed proposals to keep some level of perceived value as other areas wouldn't be keen to take on someone else's rejections. It's a matter of prestige.
This way we wouldn't have people in fear of doing the proposal work for nothing. But raise their chances of success. So their project could be voted on by people in a different area.
This would be great for the artworks or useful objects as they would simply be transported to the area. But more complicated for services as you would need to move. Yet that would also be a great and cheaper way of market demand examination.
(btw, the photo is amazing and made me click on the idea faster than ever.)
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
The way I imagine this is like Kickstarter for local projects that are not even planned yet. Whichever project gains enough financial support and someone steps up to make it happen, comes to life.
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