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Major companies can license independent businesses with 3D printers to offset supply needs

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Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Apr 29, 2022
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Large corporations can do releases early and then send molds to small businesses that can 3Dprint them to fill gaps in the supply. Specialized parts can be sent over by plane which is quicker and then fitted into the fabricated parts.
  • Making the releases earlier makes it possible for small businesses to start printing ahead of the spike in demand.
  • Sending the specialized parts secretly before the release means that even if demand doesn't rise higher than expected, the parts on the ground can just be sold normally so no one gets any losses.
  • It could help small businesses make more money. This makes for better wealth distribution too
  • Could cut off hoarders and prevent the prices from shooting due to artificial scarcity.
How it works
A month before the release, large corporations covertly send the specialized hardware by ship to their partner businesses but don't leave the port or warehouse until the release. Once the official release happens, the corporations send the molds of the devices to their partner businesses.
When the first shipment arrives from official factories overseas, People will hoard them or as usual, the hype from the release will cause a rise in demand. Both of these factors make the price rise and people find it harder to purchase them.
The partner businesses then start printing the molds they have. If there are not enough specialized parts, more can be sent over by plane. Since the parts aren't encased in bulky aesthetic boxes, they will occupy less space and can be shipped at cheaper rates. The specialized parts are then delivered from the warehouses and attached to the molds at their premises before being delivered to the buyers. This prevents prices from shooting and hoarders have to make the choice between reselling at retail price or taking losses.
In the chance that the demand doesn't rise, the parts still get sent to the businesses and are still assembled and sold to the buyers later since the demand doesn't just stop after the initial release.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
What would be some actual use case examples of this?
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