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Make rapid antigen testing for STDs a socially accepted practice before having sex with someone new

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jun 11, 2022
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Make it a normal dating practice to perform rapid antigen tests for sexually transmitted diseases before having sex with a new partner.
  • Safer sex.
  • Less human papillomavirus and subsequent cancer it causes.
  • We should reduce any diseases that we can.
How it works
Make rapid antigen tests available for the most common sexually transmitted diseases. The tests should be as simple as covid swabs and readily available alongside condoms.
Then launch worldwide marketing campaigns funded by the ministries of health in each country. Persist with the campaigns for years, until it becomes normal/comfortable between new partners to test each other before having sex. Keep promoting this among youth in sexual education and via gynecologists, etc.
Marketing campaigns
Just like the use of condoms is normal/expected around the world, it should also be normal for new partners to show each other their STD tests before having sex.
  • Make showing your date a STD antigen test a universal signal they are getting laid (if they pass it).
  • What are some other ideas?

[1]Szymonowicz, Klaudia Anna, and Junjie Chen. “Biological and clinical aspects of HPV-related cancers.” Cancer biology & medicine vol. 17,4 (2020): 864-878. doi:10.20892/j.issn.2095-3941.2020.0370

Creative contributions

"The-day-after pills" for STDs as an additional measure

jnikola Nov 10, 2022
The idea is to include "the-day-after pills" in the marketing campaigns for the rapid antigen tests mentioned by Darko Savic.
  • great way to make you feel better if you find it too awkward to ask for a rapid test
  • increase the awareness of STDs and the ways of prevention
How would it work?
People would take doxycycline by mouth after sexual contact without a condom and reduce the chance of getting STDs by 66%.
The antibiotic treatments used in the DoxyPEP clinical study tried to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis. Scientists used doxycycline by mouth as soon as possible after sexual contact without a condom. The study was stopped this May due to extremely positive results where doxycycline cut the risk of STIs by 66% and is now in Phase four.
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Colour-changing condoms

jnikola Jun 22, 2022
STD tests are a great idea and should be introduced into society. Ideally, before every sexual intercourse, partners should do and show the STD fast test results. However, due to the complexity of foreplay and emotions, even condoms are sometimes easy to forget. STD tests could have a similar destiny unless made really easy.
Colour-changing condoms. Antibodies to known STD-related protein constituents bound to a dye could be introduced into the condom material or a lubricant. If the antibody-dye complex binds to a pathogen, the condom or a lubricant changes colour. That way, a person could easily see that something is going on.
Problems to discuss
Of course, not all pathogens can be found on a penile mucosa. Therefore the first thing would be to see which patogens can be detected like this. For the others, different STD tests should be performed.
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General comments

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi2 years ago
I think this is a great idea. I don't have much knowledge on things like this but I think there should be affordable kits that allow you to test for most of the common STDs and these should be pushed. I know I would buy them.
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