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Microcirculation for a better longevity

Image credit: "Retinal Blood Vessels" by BWJones is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Tarik Regad
Tarik Regad Nov 27, 2020
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Does a better microcirculation promote a long and healthy life?

Microcirculation is a network of blood vessels that provide tissues and organs with essential nutrients and oxygen for their maintenance, activities, and survival, while also cleansing the body’s waste products. Therefore, a better microcirculation is key for a longer and healthier life, and its impairment can lead to premature deaths . This statement is supported by several studies that identified a link between longevity and microcirculation by studying the physiological particularities of nonagenarians and centenarians in different areas and countries on our planet . They found that the most shared characteristic of these limited groups of age is associated with an improved microcirculation that depended on lifestyles, such as physical activity, socioeconomic status, and qualitative food nutrients.

Do you think that other factors may play a role in promoting better microcirculation, and consequently a longer life?

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Creative contributions

Adrenomedullin levels and yoga

Jamila Dec 02, 2020
Low levels of adrenomedullin (ADM) is an indication of healthy microcirculation. Those with heart failure have very high ADM levels, and centenarians have low ADM levels in their bodies. Furthermore, higher levels of ADM have been reported in aged human brains compared to younger brains.
So I wondered what could change the ADM levels in the human body. In a study, yoga + mindfulness was able to significantly lower levels of ADM (p < .001) and reduce stress, depression, and sleep problems in adults.

[1]Voors, Adriaan A., et al. "Adrenomedullin in heart failure: pathophysiology and therapeutic application." European journal of heart failure 21.2 (2019): 163-171.

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[4]Daukantaitė, Daiva, et al. "Five-week yin yoga-based interventions decreased plasma adrenomedullin and increased psychological health in stressed adults: A randomized controlled trial." PloS one 13.7 (2018): e0200518.

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