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Mini garden at home

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Jul 22, 2021
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People spend a long time in the house in their lives, especially the elderly, who spend more time in the house after retirement. The living environment and sanitary conditions will directly affect our health and longevity. If I live in a more beautiful environment, my mood will also be better. Therefore, it is a choice to turn my place into a mini garden. Is it possible to provide such a service: make full use of the free space in the home to place healthy plants, such as room corners and pores. The garden designer can design a mini garden system according to the customer’s health needs, preferences, cost and other factors. Need users to consume too much energy to maintain the plants in the garden, so that the home can become a place where birds and flowers are fragrant. Of course, customers can also choose to design by themselves. We modularize the facilities in the garden so that customers can assemble a mini garden according to their needs.
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