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Tourist app that allows you to interfere with nature the right way

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Alen Žibek
Alen Žibek Aug 15, 2022
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The idea is to create a website or app, that is basically a hiking travel agency for natural destinations. In this agency, you would pick a preferred natural destination to travel to. The story changes from here on, let the vacation have a special purpose, a purpose that is good for the environment and future generations.
How would we achieve this?
With the reservation on the app or website, you would become a green world ambassador. You would strategically plant vegetation in hard-to-reach locations.
With the reservation, you would also buy a package including :
  • Seedlings or other vegetation that is suitable for the environment in which you are located in,
  • all the necessary tools to perform the task (a shovel, water, fertilizer, protection from animals)
  • task sheet of the checkpoints and tasks you need to achieve (google maps checkpoints, coordinates, and description),
  • Instructions for proper planting,
  • Maybe even a dating partner (good bonding experience)?
You would need to plant the vegetation at specific coordinates on the map to fulfill your task. This way you have an active vacation with a good purpose. After the task, you would need to take a picture of the work you have done. After the approval of the administrators, you get a coupon for a meal or similar.
This is idea in development and still has a lot of space for improvement.
What do you think ?

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Let the environmental protection agencies sponsor this

Povilas S
Povilas S Aug 15, 2022
As I understand, your idea is that the users pay for the "travel package" themselves. It might be a bit too much to ask from them since the person does the volunteering sort of job already. So the provision of seedlings, tools, etc. for the users could be funded by various environmental protection agencies. As a result, you'd have a balance between work and pleasure for the hikers and a voluntary job done for the sponsors.
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Alen Žibek
Alen Žibek 2 years ago
I agree, it definitely has to be a lot of fun doing this involving some side activities (zip lines, boat rides, climbing, amazing views, cycling...). You would pay for the experience maybe a treasure hunt feeling or a story could be added.
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
Alen Žibek No, actually, I think your original proposal is sufficient, just a hike to a certain location and planting trees there, no need to make it too fancy. What we need, I believe is this to cost nothing for the user.
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Volunteers/ experts that answer doubts real-time

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Aug 16, 2022
Some local volunteers could be trained to answer tourists' doubts during the activity. If real presence becomes costly for certain locations, have an app that connects the tourists to experts.
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Alen Žibek
Alen Žibek 2 years ago
This is also a good thought. There would definitely need to be some central office like local community employees or tourist spots that would be responsible that all goes well.
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The danger of unmarked paths

Alen Žibek
Alen Žibek Aug 18, 2022
The problem here can be the danger of unmarked paths because planting will not always take place along the path. The question is who will be responsible if something happens. You cannot send someone into the woods to plant something and not be responsible. This makes it a must-have guide situation.

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