Facebook PixelMiniature head-mounted lasers that detect surveillance cameras and temporarily blind them for your privacy
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Miniature head-mounted lasers that detect surveillance cameras and temporarily blind them for your privacy

Image credit: Michael Naimark

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 14, 2022
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Miniature head-mounted devices that detect surveillance cameras and temporarily blind them with lasers while you're in view.
How it works
A cap, helmet, or even headphones could be used to mount several miniature pan/tilt servos on the wearer's head. They could be as small and as good-looking as those used on drone cameras. The reason to carry several units is to be able to cover several surveillance cameras at the same time.
Detection of cameras
The same pan/tilt unit carries a camera lens detector and a miniature laser pointer. It keeps scanning until a camera lens is detected. Then the unit locks onto it and keeps adjusting the laser so that it always points at the center of the lens.
The cap/helmet/headphones have multiple pan/tilt devices and they all keep scanning until each is busy with a camera. When the wearer is out of camera view, the device releases the lock and starts scanning for other cameras.
Geolocation memory
The device remembers where the known cameras are based on your and their geolocation.
Infrared lasers
Infrared lasers are invisible to humans but can blind a camera just the same. This might be a good option unless you want to look like a walking rave party.
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