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Spook Louw
Spook Louw Sep 03, 2021
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Everyone has found themselves in the awkward situation of meeting someone for the first time and forgetting their name immediately afterwards, or even worse, seeing someone you know you've met before, but not being able to recall their name.

While conventional nametags usually solve this problem at mixers or retail stores/restaurants, everyone you meet won't always be wearing a nametag. The vast majority of people will have their phone on their person though. So the idea is simply to create an app that displays your most basic information when someone else with the same app "scans" you. The only info you would need to divulge is your name, accompanied by a photo of you. Perhaps your occupation could also be included.

This software could work on a similar system that is used by Truecaller.

All that you would need to do is subtly point your cellphone's camera or QR scanner at someone and the app will provide you with their basic information and save you the embarrassment of having to ask them to introduce themselves again. (If pointing your camera at someone seems too intrusive, the system might be able to work on geolocation as well, but I can imagine that being problematic in a small space full of people)

The system would work best if everyone had a profile on the app, but it could also, much like Truecaller, work on a database of information created by users, where the app gets access to your contact list and saves all the numbers and names, in this way, if you're looking for information on someone who doesn't have the app, you will be given the name they are saved under in other users' contact lists.
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