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Peer-to-peer encrypted messages that get delivered only if something happens to you

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Apr 09, 2022
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"If something happens to me" blockchain-stored encrypted messages that get delivered to the designated recipient only if you fail to postpone the delivery for several consecutive times.
  • An unstoppable way of delivering evidence/information if something happens to you.
  • Deliver messages to your loved ones if you die.
  • A postmortem peer-to-peer delivery system for passwords, private keys, and cryptocurrencies.
How it works
  1. A popular blockchain (Ethereum or even Bitcoin)
  2. Open source nodes for the designated blockchain, but they also run an add-on that talks to an
  3. End-to-end encrypted messenger such as Signal with an add-on that manages some crypto currency (Ether or Bitcoin)
To run the nodes
People download the nodes and run them so that they get paid in daily micro transactions for all the messages that are currently awaiting delivery or postponement/cancellation. This incentivizes people to keep the nodes up to date and running.
To create a message
You have to fund the messenger's crypto add-on wallet so that it has enough funds to keep your message in the queue as long as you need. Each blockchain-stored message needs to be pre-paid up to a specific time. Every day, some money is taken from your pre-funded crypto contract and split between all nodes running the messenger add-on.
Via your messaging app (Signal or equivalent) you create an encrypted message for a specific recipient but do NOT send it to them. Instead, the message goes into a blockchain such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.
The messenger encrypts the message using the recipient's key, so only the recipient will be able to open it.
When the message gets delivered (if ever)
The message gets delivered only if 2 conditions are met:
  • You fail to postpone the delivery for X consecutive times (X is configured by you)
  • Your pre-funded crypto contract didn't run out of money for daily fees that include all the days your delivery scheme envisions
Postponing the delivery
Your messenger app (add-on) asks you to postpone delivery of the message every so often (configurable) within your pre-paid budget. As long as you keep postponing, the message doesn't get delivered. You can set the number of missed postponements before the message gets delivered.
You can keep postponing delivery only if you are alive and in control of the device.
So as not to be able to exploit you, nobody knows, if there are any messages to be sent, whom the messages are going to, how you configured the postpone-delivery-intervals. The app could ask you to postpone delivery daily or yearly.
When you are safe, you can cancel the message or keep postponing it until the account runs out of money. To cancel the message you need the seed words (master password).
Backup access (if the main device is lost)
I'm still thinking about this. How to postpone delivery if you don't have access to your device but you are alive and well. Can you come up with a feasible way? I will update this section eventually.
I guess with a long enough postponement interval you have time to get your backup seed words and restore a copy of the messenger/app.
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