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Personalized real-world environments through AR/VR

Image credit: The image was generated by DeepAI (https://deepai.org/machine-learning-model/text2img)

jnikola Sep 19, 2022
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I recently found an app called Equinox XR that serves as a platform to create interactive AR content for marketing or tourist purposes. The app, together with PokemonGo, inspired me to come up with the idea of creating personalized VR environments/skins of the real-world based on user preferences.

  • the world is full of different people loving different things - why should everybody enjoy the same thing
  • making your every day trip to work different
  • experiencing the same thing from a different perspective
  • switching focus of individuals on specific things they prefer
  • discovering new things
  • discovering new cities in a friendlier way
How would it work?
I imagine it to work like an app where you log in, set up your preferences, choose a skin/environment you like and turn it on. You could use your smartphone's camera or smart glasses to visualize it. If you feel like going to work today in a different environment, just put your smart glasses and experience it in "hard rock" tone.
The environments
The skins/environments would be developed by AR experts and made available (free or paid) in an environment shop inside an app. They could be specifically created for certain spaces or locations. The examples are some AR galleries around cities, plain spaces that have a lot of AR content when you wear smartglasses, etc.
On the other hand, skins could be developed for any environment. The algorithm would use the camera as an input, recognize shapes and objects around you and apply specific filters based on your chosen skin. For example, if you use F1 skin, roads around you would look like F1 racing tracks, cars like formulas and people would wear different racing gear. If you chose Ancient Rome skin, building around you would look like temples (windows with arches, pillars, etc) and people would wear Roman clothes.
Some examples of environments are: GTA V, 1st World War, Cuba, NYC, Bahamas, SUmmer, Winter, Game of Thrones, Ancient Rome, etc.
Additional information and ideas
Environments could also be designed to teach you something you are interested in. For example, if you want to learn more about politics and law, there could be signs around the city showing you public institutions and some important facts about them. If you are into poetry, the environment could be made to transform every text into one of the poems, based on the word matching. The same could be done with art pieces.
The app could also teach you a new language by changing all signs into different language. The same could help you in foreign countries.
  • Do you have any comments or other ideas?
  • Would you like to see your every day trip to work differently ?
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General comments

Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
I like the idea, it's a way of refreshing your surroundings without physically changing them. Have you checked if something similar already exists in the market or maybe is under development? It sounds like an idea many would have thought of before.
Another thing - I might be wrong, but adapting this to any environment seems technically difficult, I believe you'd have to have a base environment that the algorithm is familiar with (like google street view) and build things on top. However, google street view and your view while walking down the same street with some AR glasses would differ quite significantly, so the whole experience might be glitchy and not enjoyable.
An alternative way would be to record all the journey from home to work (or whatever it is) from the user's perspective, through a camera in the glasses or similar means and thus provide the base environment for the algorithm. This way there would be less difference between the base environment and the live data input that the algorithm would have to work with later.
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jnikola2 years ago
Povilas S Well, I searched for it and found some cool things, like this Art Gallery (or this one). No actual real-world customizable environments, VR-applicable technologies or gamified reality examples. However, these AR constructions are all location-based, which is related to your next comment. I think the technology is coming to life where there could be two ways of achieving my idea: 1) using Google Maps and tools like 3D scanning mentioned in this video to map the area of every city and create virtual reality based on the environment itself, or 2) using familiar objects recognition to adapt VR to the environment in real time (the same as Instagram or TikTok filters work). I believe it would be achievable. At first, there will be less details, but with time and technological advancements, more complex VR environments could be created and projected to the real world.
Actually, I found one video about hyper reality future that perfectly describes my idea. You can find it here. The person behind it tried to show the intervened future of the real world and virtual reality. There is maybe a bit too much interaction of the person with the real world through the VR (the hard part), but the concept is looking quite similar.
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